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Master Chief Actor Speaks Out Against Fan Hate on Halo TV Show

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:40 PM

Pablo Schreiber, the actor behind Halo's Master Chief, speaks out against fan hate and says he'll continue to work to make the new TV show great.

p>As it stands today, Halo does not have the best relationship with a portion of its fanbase. Some of the complaints include Halo Infinite's current lack of a battle royale mode and ongoing desync issues with the game's multiplayer. Also, fans have recently become frustrated with the release of the Halo TV series on Paramount+. There are multiple things in the TV show that have caused both fans and critics to grant it somewhat of a lukewarm reception, though something fans specifically are irritated with is Master Chief removing his helmet in the first episode.

Fans weren't annoyed with the idea that Master Chief could be seen without his helmet, as in Halo 4 players can see a younger Master Chief without the iconic helmet and the adult Chief's eyes should they beat the game on legendary. Instead, many Halo fans were frustrated by the fact that Master Chief's helmet came off so early. A 343 employee tried to calm angry fans in a blog post, though this only backfired after some readers felt the post implied that anyone surprised to see the Chief without his helmet hadn't consumed enough Halo media.

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Now, the Master Chief actor for the Halo TV series is weighing in with his own thoughts on the situation. Though he doesn't reference the removal of his helmet, Master Chief actor Pablo Schreiber does speak directly to the disappointed fans who are "rooting against the home team" in an Instagram post. Schreiber appears to want to make peace with the fans who "hated the show before they saw it," and he states that he's still going to work hard to ensure that the show is the best version of itself.

In the same Instagram post, Schreiber also spoke to the fans who are already enjoying the show, thanking them for their love and support. "I am honored and humbled to be in service to this amazing universe and lore," he wrote. Despite a loud minority of fans claiming the show has nothing good about it, the Halo TV show is still proving to be incredibly popular, as it is the most streamed TV show on Paramount+, although free subscriptions to the streaming service were given out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, so may have played a factor in the Halo show's popularity.

With two episodes of the TV show already out, Halo has more to it than just a moment that annoyed some fans. Those involved in the Halo series have sung its praises before the first episode even released, as one actress stated she was gladdened by its "color blind" casting. Whether the series will continue to divide fans or unify them in supporting it is unknown, though the show will have plenty of chance to do either, as it has already been renewed for a second season.

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