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Metro Author Comments On Epic Store Exclusivity of Exodus

Metro Author Comments On Epic Store Exclusivity of Exodus Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 22:59 PM

The original author of Metro 2033 and the creator of the Metro franchise responds harshly to the Metro Exodus Epic Games Store exclusivity announcement.

p>With there having been a long-promised Steam release, the announcement that Metro Exodus will be offered exclusively via the Epic Games Store on PC has resulted in quite a controversy. Arguments regarding broken promises by Koch Media, unhealthy competitive practices by Epic, and more continue across the Internet. However, few may have expected Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of the original Metro books, to join in on the discussion.

In a post to Glukhovsky's Instagram account, he joked about Metro Exodus' exclusivity announcement, saying, "Apparently the Steam was not enough for our steam train." The reference here is that Metro Exodus is about the player taking the "Aurora" train away from Moscow and across the continent. Someone responded to the post, writing,"Lol you're killing your own franchise." This drew a direct reply from Glukhovsky, as he stated, "No, I am standing by and watching it be killed".

Glukhovsky has since deleted his reply, and has instead focused on distancing himself from the exclusivity decision. The Metro author noted that he's just a writer and has no involvement in these types of choices.

Without clarification from Glukhovsky, it's unclear what his intent was with his original comment. It's entirely possible that he was being flippant in the face of a barrage of attacks against the exclusivity decision. It's also possible that the translation of the comment wasn't clear to Glukhovsky, whose first language is not English. It's also worth noting that Glukhovsky has been known to make some inflammatory remarks in the past, such as his criticism of Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Further comments by Glukhovsky on his Instagram post provide added depth to his attitude regarding the Epic Games Store PC exclusivity. His comments, loosely translated from Russian, are as follows:

"well it's not me! I write stories, I do not make business decisions"

"[Steam] will get it in time!"

"I think Epic will everything to help, and I did not have an impression that Steam gives s***"

It's important to remember that Glukhovsky not only wrote the source material for the Metro video game franchise, but also the author is credited as a writer for each game, which means he has a vested interest in their success. Even if he did disagree with the exclusivity deal for Metro Exodus, one could argue that broadcasting his viewpoint on the matter on Instagram isn't productive.

Metro Exodus launches February 15, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Instagram

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