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Midnight Ghost Hunt: 8 Best Ghost Hunter Strategies

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:15 AM

Hunt down the paranormal with these top-notch ghost hunting strategies in Midnight Ghost Hunt.

p>Midnight Ghost Hunt is a uniquely thrilling competitive multiplayer game where two teams face off for some supernatural shenanigans. Players take on the role of a ghost hunter or a ghost with each team working to survive, defeat the opposition, and hopefully, create some spooky scenarios along the way. Players hopping into the ghost hunter role have a lot to consider if they want to come out on top.

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Teams are chosen at random so players might end up as either a ghost hunter or a ghost, with the roles swapping at the start of a new match, generally speaking. Ghost hunters' first and foremost objective is to destroy the ghosts, however, it's not quite as simple as that since ghosts have plenty of tools in their ethereal arsenals. The following ghost hunter strategies should give budding paranormal hunters a leg up when it comes to banishing their spectral foes.

8 Work Together As A Well-Oiled Team

Ghost hunters tend to have the upper hand, at least in the first half of each ghostly match. Before the midnight bel tolls, ghost hunters must prioritize taking down and banishing each of the four opposition ghosts. Doing so will ensure the ghost hunters win and come out on top.

In order to succeed as a ghost hunter in this game, teamwork is essential. That shouldn't come as a surprise in a tactical, strategic game like this, however, it can be easy to forge ahead as a lone wolf. Lone wolves in Midnight Ghost Hunt are usually the quickest to be picked up by the ghosts so sticking with the team is of the utmost priority.

7 Each Ghost Hunter Should Specialize

Midnight Ghost Hunt features dozens of weapons, items, and abilities for players to utilize in matches. Specializing in each of these categories and having a broad range of these things will help a ghost hunting team of four to be more robust and efficient. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially when playing with random people on a server.

In order to best control the ghostly situation in a match, ensure each ghost hunter takes a unique weapon, an item to compliment it, and a perk that provides solo benefits while also giving the team an upper hand. There are enough gameplay options to use at the hunter workbench to give each time diversity.

6 Swap Weapons, Items, And Perks Often

Prior to the start of a match, ghost hunters are given between 60 and 90 seconds to choose a loadout. Worry not since loadouts can be changed at any time from the hunter workbench near the start of the map's salt circle area. This workbench should be used constantly by a good team of hunters.

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As a match in Midnight Ghost Hunt progresses, so does the need to swap out weapons, items, and abilities. For example, if a couple of ghosts are destroyed, one teammate can head to the workbench to equip the vacuum in order to suck up their ethereal remains. In tangent to that, another hunter can grab a defibrillator or a medkit to get their team back up and running prior to midnight.

5 Ammo Doesn't Run Out, So Use It

Midnight Ghost Hunt can often feel like a first-person shooter, albeit, a much more methodical, slower-paced one. The first line of defense for ghost hunters is their various energy or salt weapons. These weapons can be used endlessly since they never run out of ammo.

The entire point of the first half of a Midnight Ghost Hunt match is to weed out the ghosts in order to destroy them fully. However, it can be tough to find the mischievous, hidden ghosts. Whether a ghost hunter has a tool to help them find ghosts, such as an energy meter, another surefire way to find them is to shoot at random objects of interest. When a ghost is hit by an energy blast or salt bullet, it's clearly indicated on screen.

4 Spot A Ghost? Tag It For The Team

Competitive multiplayer games, especially ones with small teams, can often live or die depending on the level of communication a team has. In the case of Midnight Ghost Hunt, talking to teammates directly is preferred, but absolutely isn't entirely necessary given the game's great tagging system.

If at any point a ghost hunter thinks they spot a mysterious object or ghost in the environment, they can press a button to call out this location audibly in-game. This also places a marker on the screen that all hunters can see, no matter where they are in the map. Don't spam the tag button constantly, however, use it when there is a chance that a ghost is nearby.

3 Quickly Vacuum Up Ghost Shards

Much like Luigi using the Poltergust 3000 from Luigi's Mansion, ghost hunters in Midnight Ghost Hunt can use a cobbled together vacuum to suck up the ghost shards of destroyed specters. The ghost vacuum isn't a default tool and must be chosen pre-game or from the ghost hunter's workbench.

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It's a good idea to have one or two hunters equipped with a vacuum since any ghost shard remains that aren't vacuumed when the midnight bell tolls means a better score and advantage for the ghost team.

2 Check Unlikely Ghost Hiding Spots

The various maps in this game are quite large and detailed, giving ghosts plenty of places to hide. While ghost hunters are suiting up for the job, the ghosts are finding places to hide in hopes of making it through until midnight. From candles to chairs to globes to plants, ghosts have a wide range of hiding places.

Once the match starts, prioritize seeking out ghosts in unlikely and well-hidden spots, especially in smaller objects. Ghosts can hop between objects with ease which means hunters need to consistently be on the move in order to detect them via their hunting tools or through their weapons.

1 When The Midnight Bell Tolls, Simply Survive

After five in-game minutes, the midnight bell tolls, and the tables turn. The ghost hunters are now the prey with ghosts coming back with a vengeance, power, and renewed vigor. This second half of the match is not an easy one for hunters, so, again, teamwork is necessary.

The only real goal during this part of the match is to survive the time. However, confident ghost hunting teams can take on the glowing red ghosts, but it's arguably much harder to take them down and banish them for good. Survival is key here so it's best to have each hunter pick up a strong weapon and perk.

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