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Midnight Ghost Hunt: 8 Best Ghost Strategies

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:35 PM

Prepare to be the best spooky specter in Midnight Ghost Hunt with these top-notch ghost strategies.

p>Midnight Ghost Hunt is a hauntingly fun and spooky four versus four online multiplayer game where a team of ghosts takes on a team of ghost hunters. Ghost hunters must work as a team in order to destroy each ghost before the clock strikes midnight. Ghosts must blend teamwork and lone wolf strategies in order to survive against the ghost hunters. This simple setup and dynamic makes for a fun hide and seek game.

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In an interesting twist, once the clock reaches midnight, five minutes into a match, the ghosts now become supercharged, back from the land of the dead in order to try to destroy the hunters. This back and forth gameplay makes for matches that are completely unpredictable and always entertaining. For players hopping into Midnight Ghost Hunt and hoping to haunt the living as a ghost, here are some great ghostly strategies to keep in mind.

9 Teamwork And Lone Wolf Play Are Both Viable Options

Unlike the ghost hunters who have to heavily rely on teamwork, the ghosts have a bit more flexibility. While teamwork will still help during certain phases of a match when playing as a ghost, there are also certain circumstances where being a lone wolf is actually more advantageous to the team as a whole.

For example, ghosts should work as a team when trying to sabotage hunters or lay traps. However, if there happens to be two or more ghost hunters teaming up against a ghost, it's actually better to go off elsewhere to try and survive, hide, or make a new plan as to how the ghost should be revived.

8 Ensure Each Ghost Player Diversifies Their Loadout

Role diversity is highly important when it comes to the ghost teams. Ghosts are able to use specific escape or distract abilities in tangent with their perks. Abilities like turning into a fast-moving spirit or creating a doppelganger of one of the ghost hunters can make a big difference between survival and being destroyed. If possible, ensure each ghost has a unique ability and perk for better odds.

However, once midnight comes around, all bets are off and ghosts can more or less run rampant in order to defeat the ghost hunters. This will mostly depend on whether or not the ghost hunter group up and hunker down somewhere. If this happens to be the case, changing loadouts on the fly at the ghost shrine will give the ghosts a new plan and strategy.

7 Return To The Ghost Shrine When Necessary

The ghost shrine, much like the ghost hunters' workbench, is a standalone sanctuary where ghosts can return to in order to swap out abilities, haunts, and perks on the fly. However, this can only be done if a ghost is still in play. Once a ghost is defeated, they turn into a different type of haunting specter that can't perform as many ghostly tasks.

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Whether playing as a lone wolf or as a team, ghosts should constantly be aware of where the ghost shrine is in any given map. Ghost hunters are the predator in the first half of a match which means ghosts might need to quickly switch up their strategies to come out on top.

6 Prioritize A Sneaky Hiding Place Early On

First and foremost, Midnight Ghost Hunt is a game of cat and mouse. While the ghost hunters are gearing up, ghosts are given around 60 to 90 seconds to explore the map, set up traps and sabotage points, and most importantly, find a good, inconspicuous hiding place.

Hiding places can be almost any environmental object such as benches, gargoyles, candelabras, statues, and even teacups. Ghost hunters have a bevy of tools to spot ghosts hiding so it's a good idea to prioritize finding a sneaky, out-of-reach spot right from the get-go. Also, be sure there are plenty of other objects to warp into should the need arise to move places.

5 Don't Stay Put For Too Long

Given that a match in Midnight Ghost Hunt would be unbalanced if ghosts could simply hide for the entirety of a match, there is a time limit in the form of ectoplasm build-up that ghosts need to be aware of. In the lower-right corner of the screen is an ectoplasm meter. As ghosts standstill or hide, the meter builds up over time. Once it reaches max build-up, an ectoplasm marking is left on the object.

To counter this, ghosts should stay mobile, moving from object to object, or moving around the map in a sneaky manner. Fortunately, ghosts can use escape abilities that allow them to hide or float by hunters mostly noticed. It takes a good deal of time to get to grips with the hide and seek mechanic in this game but ghosts are rewarded for this play style.

4 Ghosts Can Fight Back In Myriad Ways

Don't worry, ghosts aren't completely vulnerable and powerless in a match of Midnight Ghost Hunt. In the pre-midnight part of the match, ghosts can harm ghost hunters via thrown objects, poltergeist style, or by possessing certain objects like a gargoyle or knight statue. These objects have special offensive abilities that can be used to damage hunters.

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Typically, hunters tend to stick together so offensive players aren't really the best gameplay route pre-midnight. However, if an opening presents itself in the form of a lone wolf ghost hunter, ghosts can easily knock out one of them by throwing an object with power and efficiency.

3 Utilize Haunts Even After Being Destroyed

Often what can kill a match in online multiplayer games is when a player gets eliminated and can't do anything other than spectate. Fortunately, at least in the ghosts' case, spectating isn't just a passive activity. When a ghost is destroyed, they come back quickly in the form of a less-powerful invisible specter.

Destroyed ghosts are now able to utilize haunt abilities. These haunt abilities can only be used in this form and are there to sabotage ghost hunters in hopes of helping the remaining ghosts to stay "alive" longer. Haunts come in varieties such as creating cold spots, distancing hunters from each other, and even moving stationary objects.

2 Midnight Means More Ghostly Power

The toll of the midnight bell in a Midnight Ghost Hunt match means the ghost hunters now become the prey. If five minutes pass in a match, and if at least one ghost remains, all ghosts come back from the dead in the form of spooky red ethereal specters of torment. These newly powerful ghosts can wreak havoc in the latter part of a match.

The ghosts are now the predator and can easily attack hunters in their non-corporeal form with the hunters taking massive damage. Ghosts can also possess certain bigger objects in order to dish out more punishment. The ghosts' main objective is to now defeat the hunters before they escape.

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