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Minecraft Player Builds Massive In-Game Printer

Minecraft Player Builds Massive In-Game Printer Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:10 PM

One Minecraft player shows off their Redstone contraption skills and creates a massive and fully functioning printer in the game.

p>Redstone in Minecraft can be a challenge to master, even for longtime players. Once players have gotten used to its intricacies, however, Redstone can be used to create almost anything in Minecraft. One player proved that by showing off a massive printer powered by this very powder.

Minecraft's Redstone Ore can be used to activate and power different items in the game, allowing players to create automatic devices, powered rail lines, and even complex sorting machines. Through the game’s creative mode, players have access to every item and ore, making builds like this much more manageable.

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This clip from u/ShirtPuzzleheaded711 shows off a massive structure covered in Redstone. There are hundreds of diorite blocks with Minecraft's useful repeators and pistons on them as well as a large flat section covered in stone pressure plates. U/ShirtPuzzleheaded711 shows off in the clip this large contraption of their's functioning as a printer, typing out a message written with wool blocks. The player activates the structure and then types what they want to see printed on the stone pressure plates. This information then gets transferred via Redstone to the rest of the structure and the correct wool blocks drop on the empty flat space to reflect what was typed. The entire process goes by pretty quickly with the final creation spelling out the word “like.”

u/ShirtPuzzleheaded711 mentions that this creation took them 30 hours to design and build which isn’t surprising considering the amount of moving parts involved. Even on creative mode, this printer is an impressive achievement and players looking to copy this look are going to need a strong understanding of Redstone. Though it isn't one of the more common Redstone creations in Minecraft, a link to this creation is in the comments on the original post for those interested.

Redstone, like enchantments, is one of the more complex pieces of Minecraft and it rewards players who invest time in learning it. Some of the better fan creations in Minecraft are only possible with Redstone and, even though it is a challenge to master, it is an important part of the game for those looking to make life easier.

Then again, it is possible to complete the main quest in Minecraft without ever having to delve into the details of Redstone, Redstone Repeaters, and Powered Rails, which makes skipping learning about this aspect of this game understandable. Regardless of player thoughts on Redstone, however, this printer is a great display of what can be achieved in Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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