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MLB The Show 22: 10 Best Shortstops

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:05 AM

Playing shortstop is for players who don't mind all the pressure being on them. These players thrive under pressure on the diamond and at the plate.

p>When coaches at any level are asked where they put their best fielder, they'll likely say at shortstop. There isn't any area a shortstop can be weak in MLB The Show 22. They need strong, accurate arms, a good eye for the ball, and a snappy reaction time.

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But if all they have is defense, fans will be looking for an upgrade every year, even with Gold Glove credentials. The best shortstops in MLB The Show 22 also mix in some speed, contact, and occasional power to let their team know they're more than just some fancy leather glove.

10 Brandon Crawford - 82 OVR

Only those outside of San Francisco will underestimate Brandon Crawford. The two-time Giants World Series winner was doing the heavy work on those championship teams and he's still playing at an elite level. Another All-Star selection and Gold Glove win last year prove that.

With an 80+ in all defensive categories, he's a cinch at shortstop. His speed is among the worst but he makes up for it with steady and weakness-free hitting. Aside from bunting, Crawford is between a 57 and 84 in all offensive categories.

9 Xander Bogaerts - 82 OVR

Although he's considered a top-ten player in one of the best teams in baseball, there's a good argument that Xander Bogaerts is a bit low on this list. After all, he did get a silver slugger at his position and made the All-Star game last year. Neither of those was a first or a second time; the guy racks up hardware.

He hasn't been entirely disrespected. Take away bunting and Bogaerts gets a 66+ in every offensive category there is at the plate. His fielding is all 60+ over all attributes. He's not going to swipe any bags, but he does have above-average speed and baserunning.

8 Tim Anderson - 83 OVR

After winning the AL batting title in 2019, Tim Anderson netted a Silver Slugger in 2020, then finally got his All-Star nod in 2021. Those who don't study baseball might know of Anderson's antics; the shortstop is not shy about bat flips and hyping up the home crowd.

Given Anderson's skill set, he commands some high ratings. Aside from plate discipline and bunting, Anderson has a 56 or more in every category on offense, defense, and on the basepaths. Being that well-rounded makes him valuable, and a popular pick when playing against friends.

7 Nicky Lopez - 83 OVR

The All-Star voters snubbed rookie Nicky Lopez last year. He was the first Royals shortstop to hit .300 or better in a season and he led all AL shortstops in fielding percentage. Apparently the Gold Glove voters fell asleep at the wheel on that one, too.

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Thankfully, he was given the ratings he deserved in the game, starting with a 75+ in all defensive categories. His baserunning skills are 69+ in everything and his contact against righties and lefties is also in the 60s, excellent work for a shortstop.

6 Francisco Lindor - 84 OVR

It's no secret that the Mets are trying to win a World Series with pitching. They have the two highest-rated starting pitchers in the game. But they've picked up a few select position players who they felt could take them to the top, one of whom was Francisco Lindor.

The two-time Silver Slugger, two-time Gold Glove winner, and four-time All-Star might be just the ticket. He's above average in most statistics at the plate to go along with a 95 fielding rating and a perfect 99 in reaction time. Nobody is putting one past Lindor if he can help it.

5 Carlos Correa - 87 OVR

How good is the glove of Carlos Correa? Last year, he not only won his first Gold Glove award, he won the Platinum Glove award, given to the best of the Gold Glover winners. Anybody looking to use equipment in Road to the Show should ask to borrow his leather.

As expected, his defensive attributes are a stratospheric 85+. On the other side of the ball, his discipline and durability attributes are high, giving him a consistency that major league clubs crave. No wonder the Astros did everything they could to keep him around.

4 Bo Bichette - 87 OVR

Bo Bichette isn't a typical shortstop and, in many ways, reminds people of his father, Dante Bichette of Blake Street Bomber's legacy. He did lead the league in errors, but it wasn't enough to diminish from him making his first All-Star game.

With three scores in the upper 90s, Bichette has lethal talent. His 97 in durability keeps him on the field. The 98 in clutch means he's an RBI-producing machine. And of course that 99 contact against lefties has southpaws pitching around him. With his youth, anybody considering playing shortstop may want to consider changing positions.

3 Javier Baez - 87 OVR

Javier Baez had a rough year in 2021, making it clear he was unhappy with the Mets who acquired him mid-season. It showed in his play as he had the worst walk/strikeout ratio in baseball and led the league in swings and misses. So why is Baez so high this year?

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Honestly, there's a good chance that he just didn't have his heart in it. The Tigers gave him a six-year contract and a ton of cash, so hopefully he'll turn it around. In the game, his attributes are mostly in the 70s and 80s, well above the league average.

2 Trea Turner - 94 OVR

Tied for the top spot among shortstops this year, Trea Turner turned a corner, going from great player to total beast. He made his first All-Star game, won the NL batting crowd, led the NL in stolen bases, and somehow hit for his third career cycle.

If players are looking to get called up in Road to the Show as a Dodger, forget about being a shortstop, Turner has the spot locked down. Turner is elite in everything outside of bunting and has perfect 99 ratings in speed and baserunning aggressiveness.

1 Fernando Tatis Jr. - 94 OVR

Last year's cover athlete returns to the top slot among shortstops this year. Among those who believed the honor was pre-emptive, Fernando Tatis Jr. proved everyone wrong by getting another All-Star selection, another Silver Slugger, and leading NL in home runs.

In the game, Tatis is a monster. All of his baserunning attributes are 90+. He also has three perfect 99+ scores in arm strength, clutch, and power against righties. The rest of the numbers are solid, making him a dangerous and well-rounded weapon.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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