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MLB The Show 22: 11 Best Starting Pitchers

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:25 PM

Winning any given baseball game starts on the mound. These pitchers regularly make sure their team has every chance to pull out a W when they start.

p>Amateur gamers might think that pitching isn't "sexy" enough in MLB The Show 22. There's nothing wrong with smacking big flies, rounding the bases, and hearing the sold-out stadium cheer. But the experts know that what happens on the mound matters first and foremost.

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This isn't to say that pitching is boring. The intensity of carrying a no-hitter into the ninth inning gets the heart rate going more than any do-or-die at bat. For those who crave this aspect of the game, these are the best pitchers to use in MLB The Show 22.

11 Brandon Woodruff - 92 OVR

Only casual fans underestimate how important it is to be a complete pitcher. Gamers might like to choose players that have perfect ratings in control, velocity, or break, but guys like Bradon Woodruff that do all of these at high levels are dependable for victories.

There are no gimmicks with Brandon Woodruff. He has the usual fastballs, slider, change, and curveball. But since all of them are incredibly effective and accurate, hitters can't identify any part of the strike zone that they'll be comfortable looking for.

10 Walker Buehler - 92 OVR

It's not impossible to get called up in Road to the Show as a Dodgers pitcher, but cracking the top spot in the rotation is going to take a good chunk of the player's career. Buehler is incredibly only the second-highest rated starting pitcher in Los Angeles.

He's one of the few pitchers to receive a perfect 99 for his breaking balls, so nobody has trickier stuff than Walker Buehler. With three active fastballs, a curve, and a slider, the speed is tough to manage as well.

9 Zack Wheeler - 92 OVR

A perfect velocity rating is one of the scariest things for a hitter to go against. Not being able to make a decision results in lots of panic swings and Zack Wheeler sees a lot of those. For a dealer, his stamina rating of 95 is also incredibly frustrating.

The guy throws hard and his speed doesn't fall off until well over 100 pitches. Much of the time, the game is over before reaching that mark.

8 Gerrit Cole - 92 OVR

Try and rattle Gerrit Cole and it often goes badly. He's got a perfect pitching clutch score, so baserunners don't make a difference in his effectiveness. That's important when playing for the Yankees since the stadium is usually considered a batter's paradise.

Players that want to improve in the Road to the Show will have work to do before rivaling Cole's coolness under pressure. He also gets a perfect 99 in velocity and an 83 MPH knuckle curve, so he can toast the competition in many different ways.

7 Shane Bieber - 92 OVR

Shane Bieber has five pitches and all five of them are within 10 MPH of each other. Go ahead and think about an early retirement before figuring out what's coming next. Expert players love Bieber in head-to-head exhibition games for this very reason.

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There's no talking about Bieber without including his signature 83 MPH knuckle curve. That's preposterously fast for a ball with so much sink and so little rotation.

6 Chris Sale - 93 OVR

There is a reason opponents hate to play against Chris Sale. His pitches all look the same at the point of release. His 4-seam stays high and his sinker dives low. There is only a 2 MPH difference between the two, making them virtually indistinguishable.

Players may want to consider changing positions to pitching after a few at-bats against Sale. It's not fun and he's a big reason the Red Sox are never out of the mix.

5 Clayton Kershaw - 93 OVR

It feels almost silly to say that the perennial Cy Young candidate "fell" to 93 this year because he's still so incredibly good when he's iced up and dealing. On paper, nothing about Kershaw looks impressive as his highest attribute is an 89 in stamina.

But the secret to Kershaw's glory was never in digits. He has four pitches that are wildly different from one another, so hitters have to guess when to swing before the ball is released. And his windup and delivery motions trick baserunners and batters alike.

4 Corbin Burnes - 94 OVR

The perfect velocity rating for Corbin Burnes is just the tip of the iceberg. All five of his pitches go for over 81 MPH. The guy is fast on fast with some more fast mixed in. All of his pitches have movement, too, as he passes on a 4-seam fastball in exchange for fastballs with movement.

The highlight has to be his 88 MPH slider. Use this when playing against friends and watch how silly they look trying to square up against Burnes.

3 Shohei Ohtani - 95 OVR

Last year's AL MVP was notable for being the first two-way player to make it since Babe Ruth. Ohtani has a 95 OVR as a pitcher. Gamers should keep in mind that this OVR measures only his pitching ability, the hitting business is all gravy.

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Ohtani received perfect scores in breaking balls and pitching from the clutch to go along with a 95 in H/9. His 75 MPH curveball can leave opponents looking as silly as they do with his 97 MPH fastball.

2 Max Scherzer - 97 OVR

It's unfair that the top two players are both on the same team, but the Mets made it clear they wanted to prioritize starting pitching with their offseason expenditures. Scherzer's 97 H/9 rating means the majority of the time that opponents make contact, the ball's not going anywhere special.

Gamers will need to wear equipment to counter for this if they face off against Scherzer. His offspeed pitches are a severe break from his fastball and make timing pitches up a real shot in the dark.

1 Jacob deGrom - 99 OVR

Last season, Jacob deGrom was on base to destroy every single-season record the MLB has ever known from the mound before his injury. His ERA was just over one (that's not a typo) and he was genuinely unhittable in many of his performances.

He'll be starting out the year on the injured list again. But when he's healthy, the Mets have to try hard to lose games that deGrom starts. His perfect velocity rating is evidence of that.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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