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MLB The Show 22: 9 Best Third Basemen

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:31 PM

The "hot corner" is a popular position in RTTS because of the power and action. But beware of the stiff competition from these MLB stars.

p>Players who love the Road to the Show mode in MLB The Show 22 are likely to find a home at third base. Not only can they hit the ball for power, but they get tons of action on the infield and a chance to show off the arm. Playing this spot is a quick way to get called up in RTTS.

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However, there is some serious competition at third base. All those reasons gamers might like to play the position, real-life players are living that dream. In MLB The Show 22, these are the monsters that stand in the way of being the greatest talent at the hot corner in this generation.

9 Ryan McMahon - 84 OVR

Fans have yet to see how the Rockies will use Kris Bryant. For now, the video game is assuming that Bryant will play in left and McMahon will keep his spot on the infield. That makes sense since McMahon's stats on the defensive side of the ball are mostly in the 90s.

McMahon's usefulness as a durable player gives teams that use him a lot of freedom. He can play anywhere on the infield capably, enabling hitters to get a day or two of rest while he plugs in their spot. Even so, McMahon, when healthy, should be in the starting lineup, regardless of his position.

8 Josh Donaldson - 85 OVR

Many players that go to multiple ballclubs do so as journeymen looking for homes. That's not why Josh Donaldson has played for five different teams. The competition for the former MVP, two-time Silver Slugger, and three-time All-Star is just a hot market.

Playing against friends, Donaldson is almost impossible to beat. The strike zone is red all over, so he can smack any ball. Combine that with a perfect 99 in discipline and the disaster pitchers face is that he doesn't swing outside of the zone very often. It's a constant balance between walking him and tossing him a home run ball.

7 Alex Bregman - 86 OVR

Houston fans are lucky to have a core group of guys that carry them into World Series contention every year. Many of the Astros experts will say that the key is having Alex Bregman, who brought a winning attitude since he joined the club in 2016.

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Minus bunting and batting against right-handers, his lowest hitting attribute is a huge 76. He's still above-average against righties, but he's an absolute must-have when gamers try to put in their best lefty.

6 Rafael Devers - 86 OVR

Although he won the World Series in 2018, it's not arguable that Rafael Devers had his best year in 2021, winning a Silver Slugger and getting voted into his first All-Star appearance. Red Sox fans underestimate Devers' role in why Fenway is such a bad place for right-handed hitters when he's on the field.

To match his prowess, games will need to learn how to equip their gear to keep up. Aside from overall above-average hitting in most categories, he's got an elite 96 power rating against righties and a 95 in durability. A left-handed bat in Fenway, he takes advantage of the short fence with regularity.

5 Anthony Rendon - 86 OVR

Washington fans will never forget what Anthony Rendon did for the ballclub in 2019. It's hard to think of a better turnaround story than what the Nationals pulled back in 2019 with him at the helm. In a new uniform, Rendon has had the injury bug but 2022 looks to be his time to get back on track.

Aside from speed, Rendon is a very complete ballplayer. His defense is steady and dependable. At the plate, the man's lowest attribute outside of bunting is a 69. A few of these categories drift into the upper 80s, making him a sneaky scary hitter in the lineup.

4 Matt Chapman - 87 OVR

When players are trying to improve their character in Road to the Show, defense is too often overlooked. It can send the OVR of a player higher than what the batting statistics would ordinarily warrant. A lockdown third baseman is something many teams will accept, even if the hitting could use some work.

It's perhaps unfair to put Matt Chapman in this category as his hitting is still average for most MLB players. But the three-time Gold Glove winner (including a win last year) and two-time Plantium Glove recipient appropriately has extremely high defensive attributes.

3 Jose Ramirez - 94 OVR

As speed gives way to power, there aren't many players left like Jose Ramirez anymore. He joined the 30-30 club in 2018 and has continued to rack up Silver Sluggers and All-Star selections. The Cleveland faithful could not be happier to have him suit up for the Guardians.

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Here's a shocking fact: outside of bunting and contact versus righties, all of his hitting attributes are above 78. That's not just above-average, that elite tier in almost every aspect. His aforementioned speed should also not be overlooked when the ball does stay in the park.

2 Manny Machado - 94 OVR

The Padres didn't achieve everything they had hoped last year, but Manny Machado regained his status as an All-Star, notching his fifth nomination. The former Gold Glover is still in the prime of his career and anybody stuck behind him on the depth chart should perhaps consider changing positions.

Across all contact and power stats, Machado has at least a 73. There really isn't a great way to pitch to him. Walking him is a good idea, but then, with runners in scoring position, he has a 97 clutch rating lurking. He's just not fun to pitch or hit to.

1 Nolan Arenado - 95 OVR

It's impossible to talk about Nolan Arenado without talking about his defense. The man has won nine straight Gold Glove awards and five straight Platinum Glove Awards, given to the single best defensive player in the league. But if that's not enough, wait until he gets to the plate.

His power and contact are all above average, most notably his power against lefties is a searing 98. With an 88 clutch and a 96 durability, Arenado is essentially everything a third baseman can be. That perfect reaction timing would be above 99 if such ratings were allowed.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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