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MLB The Show 22: Baserunning Settings Guide

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:15 PM

Swiping bags, extra-base hits, and beating throws to the plate will require players to excel at baserunning. Get those settings fine-tuned.

p>Baseball requires at least one team to score one run. Games don't end in ties. Somebody needs to touch all four bases. While many gamers live for the home run, winning teams understand that more often, winning in MLB The Show 22 happens via small ball; baserunning savvy and maximizing opportunities to score.

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With this knowledge, players will need to make sure that they have the ideal settings for MLB The Show 22. Given three options, not every setting will be right for everyone. Gamers should take a peek here and find out which settings are best for them.

Auto Baserunning

  • Recommended for players of all skill levels.

It's only a slight oversimplification to say that the Auto Baserunning mode is best for everyone. Yes, baserunners will often make the wrong choice, occasionally doing things like waiting for an uncatchable ball to be caught. So why is this setting recommended for everyone?

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Because at any time, players can use the controls to force the players on base to advance or go back. Plus, there are moments when even the most advanced gamers can't see the ball well enough to tell what will happen. The AI isn't perfect, but can, at the very least, fill in the blanks until players override the commands. If PC gamers get the game (and they should), it will be interesting to see the new controls on the paths.


  • Recommended for gamers that demand maximum control.

In many games, the default setting is the easiest one. In this game, it's actually the toughest to figure out, though it can be rewarding. Gamers get to control each player, individually, by selecting the base they are on and then using the bumpers to move them back and forth.

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There are advantages to this level of micromanagement. Having a runner steal second is great but not when the runner on third tries to charge home on the pitch as well. Moving players up to make room for extra-base hits can be key to getting called up in Road to the Show.


  • Recommended for players that like to be the coach.

The classic settings advance all the runners on the basepaths with a simple hit of the bumper. This is most useful when runners are stuck waiting for a ball to perhaps get caught when the hitter knows the ball isn't going to get pulled in.

Gamers can live their dream of waving runners around when they would ordinarily hold up or play it safe. The disadvantage is that there are occasions when only one runner should advance and the other should stay put, but so long as the defense guns for the lead runner, this problem only rears its head on rare occasions.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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