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MLB The Show 22: Best Teams To Join As A Second Baseman

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:00 AM

Hitting early and often, covering the infield, and turning double plays is a blast. Here are the worthy teams in the market for second basemen.

p>One of the best ways to improve in MLB The Show 22 is simply getting more opportunities. If players don't get to field often, then their statistics will remain largely flat outside of a few pieces of equipment and some serious training.

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That's why some of MLB The Show 22's most dedicated gamers play second base. They want all of those chances to field grounders, turn double plays, and dive in the short outfield grass. Since the big leagues are right around the corner for second basemen, these are the best teams to play for.

Blue Jays

  • Need to beat a 75 OVR

Here's a rather tragic observation; after countless hours analyzing every single player, even the folks at MLB The Show 22 don't know who is going to be playing second base come opening day for the Toronto Blue Jays. They're all currently in the minor leagues.

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They'll need somebody to change positions for them, but this will be a temporary fix as they look for a permanent fixture. Why not have it be the player's character? A 75 OVR is a tall order for season one, but it's the lowest OVR for second basemen in the whole game. Tough competition this year!

Baltimore Orioles

  • Need to beat a 77 OVR

There's no getting around the fact that things have been dire at Camden Yards for a while now. The Baltimore Orioles are hurting for a superstar to work as they seem to miss on every free agent signing every year. It's time to give the fans something to cheer for.

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This is a team for second basemen who want to be the team's main attraction. When teams look for an All-Star on every team, even an average gamer can be this at second base for the Orioles. Equip some gear to get called up faster, then turn this franchise around.

New York Yankees

  • Need to beat a 76 OVR

The Yankees always field a team that contends for a playoff spot and they play in the second-most hitter-friendly ballpark without much dispute. Looking to get called up in Road to the Show quickly? The 76 OVR needed to beat is on the lowest end of the second basemen spectrum.

Don't expect the New York Yankees to go without a second baseman entirely. They'll rotate a few of their other position players over there. But the team is looking for somebody who can lock that area down consistently. And who would turn down an offer to play for the most historic team in baseball history?

Oakland Athletics

  • Need to beat a 76 OVR

The Oakland Athletics need help at pretty much every position this year. They aren't just statistically last, they're last by a large margin in the ratings. Without any serious offseason movement, fans are groaning about the season before the first ball has been pitched.

Why play for them at all? Well, if players want a challenge, there is no greater challenge than leading this bunch to a World Series title; it's simply the most astounding accomplishment anybody in Road to the Show can do this year. Plus, with a rough pitching staff, players will be encouraged to hit for power and average.

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants fans have every right in the world to feel disrespected by the ratings. The overall team was ranked fourteenth, despite being the winningest team in baseball last year. An unfortunate playoff saw them leave early, but they took the number one Dodgers to the brink.

Seeing that the team is so close to a championship, how about shoring up their second base position? Every other position player is a 74 OVR or higher, so players will need to fight for a spot higher in the lineup. But if postseason success is more important than personal records, the Giants are the way to go.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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