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MLB The Show 22: Best Teams To Join As A Shortstop

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:05 AM

Shortstops get to do it all and that makes them fun to play. Few teams need them, but those who do need them badly.

p>If gamers are a fan of baseball, they're a good chance they want a game where get to do every facet of baseball. If this is accurate, then MLB The Show 22 players will likely want to choose a shortstop for their career. Go two-way with a little pitching and players will be asked to field, run, hit for contact, hit for power, and throw hard.

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However, for the majority of teams, this process will take years to get a spot on an MLB roster and it may be in a backup role. There are a few teams that could use a good shortstop right now, though, and these are the teams that players should consider the most in MLB The Show 22.

Washington Nationals

  • Need to beat a 71 OVR

Just a couple of years removed from one of the best turnaround seasons of all time, the Washington Nationals are about a shortstop away from going from underdogs to another World Series victory. It sure won't happen with the current roster trying to fill in at shortstop.

Tied for the lowest OVR needed to make the roster, players will get onto the team within their first year if they improve their player in Road to the Show enough. Playing in DC is a unique market and a career here can feel much different than in other locations.

Pittsburgh Pirates

  • Need to beat a 71 OVR

Among the worst-ranked teams in the game this year, the Pittsburgh Pirates might shift the player into a starting role at a low 71 or 72 OVR. That means after a short few months in the minors and after equipping a few pieces of gear, players can get to playing right away.

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There are a few advantages for Pittsburgh despite the low rating. PNC Park is beautiful and after playing a few thousand games in a career, that matters. Plus, with a shaky lineup, the player will be given a premium spot in the lineup, far away from the bottom.

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Need to beat a 71 OVR

It will be hard for players who want to get called up to the main stage as fast as possible to resist the allure of the Philadelphia Phillies. Unlike most teams with drastic needs at shortstop, they are ranked as the eighth-best team in the league going into the season.

Their lineup has star power and the pitching is top-notch. The only downside might be needing to share at-bats with others, but it's an undeniably great opportunity to win the World Series in the player's very first year. They're truly only one or two players away from getting to this level even without the player's help.

Baltimore Orioles

  • Need to beat a 72 OVR

Back to the terrible teams, the Baltimore Orioles could certainly use all the help they can get. If that means an elite shortstop, then they'll take it. This is another team that will have the player sharing the spotlight and choice at-bats with very few other teammates.

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Camden Yards is a historic location with dedicated fans. The terrible pitching leads to a lot of slugfests where managers have to pull out all the stops. If shortstops like to mix in a little power with their build, then the Orioles are in dire need.

St. Louis Cardinals

  • Need to beat a 75 OVR

The largest downside of trying to make the St. Louis Cardinal roster is that the weakest link, their shortstop, is still a passable 75. That might mean another season or two in the minor leagues. But the upside might be too good to resist for those who are patient.

After replacing the current starter, the lowest-rated starting position player is a 78. Four other position players are above 89. That is loaded enough to match up against the Dodgers, all the Cardinals faithful need is a shortstop with the talent to make it happen.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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