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MLB The Show 22: Best Teams To Join As A Third Baseman

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:00 AM

Most teams make a third baseman their top priority. With so few teams in need, players need to be careful when choosing their hometown.

p>Most organizations make an elite third baseman their top priority. Hitters will frequently smack the ball down the line or drop a drag bunt on the infield. If they know the third baseman can't handle it, they have no issue doing this all day long. This is reflected by the high OVR ranks at the position in MLB The Show 22.

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There are, as a result, fewer locations that a new third baseman can go where they will see major league action anytime soon. Going to a team with a third baseman in the 80s is foolish. Thankfully, there are a few good landing spots where players can anchor an MLB The Show 22 organization.

Baltimore Orioles

  • Need to beat a 67 OVR

As one of the lowest-ranked organizations in the game, the Baltimore Orioles are in dire need of something to be excited for. It's too bad they're missing somebody at the hot corner since this is a team that once featured the likes of Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson.

If players are looking for the quickest way to get called up in Road to the Show as a third baseman, the Orioles are the single answer. Aside from just on the field, they'll likely have a premium spot in the hitting rotation, too. If things don't work out, don't feel bad requesting a trade after getting leveled up.

Washington Nationals

  • Need to beat a 69 OVR

Only two teams have a spot for a third baseman under 70 OVR. The Orioles are one and the Washington Nationals are the other. The Nationals are in as rocky a situation as the Orioles are, so how does one decide between the two teams?

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After slapping on some equipment, players should be able to get on the Nationals in the first year. And their starting rotation of pitchers is a little more complete, so the team stands a better chance of winning a few extra games and making the playoffs.

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Need to beat a 71 OVR

Of all the teams on this list, only the Philadelphia Phillies are ranked in the top twenty. That's a testament to the power of the third baseman. The Phillies are better than just average, they're ranked eighth going into the season. Win one addition, they'll be a contender for the World Series.

For now, the Phillies are stuck making players change positions to try and make up for this weakness. The only downside to joining a loaded team is the lower spot in the batting order, but for gamers that want to taste a championship sooner rather than later, it's worth the tradeoff.

Oakland Athletics

  • Need to beat a 72 OVR

There is usually only a handful of reasons that someone would pick the Oakland Athletics as their team of choice: it's their favorite team, they lost a bet, or they want to show the world that they can win the World Series with the worst team in baseball.

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For those who crave the challenge, the Athletics are happy no matter what reason players choose them. Besides bragging rights, remember that a poor lineup means more opportunities in a better spot. It's also a nearly guaranteed All-Star nomination every year.

Texas Rangers

  • Need to beat a 75 OVR

The obvious downside for the Rangers is that 75 OVR. It means players will need to spend a few extra months in the minor leagues before getting the call up. Why do this for a team that is considered a bottom five? It's actually not a bad idea.

The rest of the position players on the Rangers are at least a 74 OVR. This is a complete team, even if they aren't deep on the bench. The pitching is rough, but this only leads to the player getting more and more at-bats in key moments. Prepare for a slugfest.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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