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MLB The Show 22 Has Many Hilarious Bugs Following Launch

MLB The Show 22 Has Many Hilarious Bugs Following Launch Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:30 PM

MLB The Show is now available and while developer San Diego Studio works towards fixing bugs, the game still contains several hilarious glitches.

p>In the sports gaming world, it's common for games to experience bugs and glitches in the first month of release, and MLB The Show 22 is no exceptoin. While San Diego Studio has fixed many of the game's problems since its release, there are still quite a few issues that remain.

As tiresome as it may be for some to deal with the first month of working through problems, players are finding some rather unique glitches that are causing more laughs than headaches. While MLB The Show 22 will surely have these situations ironed out soon, players are having fun sharing instances on social media.

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One Reddit user posted a video of himself hitting what appears to be a home run as the ball leaves the park. However, the base runner doesn't appear to be taking his tour around the bases like one would after hitting a home run but instead sprinting to get on base. The reason for this is due to a humorous glitch that shows a player of the opposing team running through the wall and collecting the ball as if it were hit into the outfield and still in play. Players may want to adjust their base running settings in MLB The Show 22 if even a home run can be thrown back with amazing velocity.

Another example is what players consider to be a "magnet glove," which involves a home run being pulled back in and caught by the outfielder. While this glitch rarely occurs, several players are claiming this has happened to them, and in some cases, it's completely ruined the result of a game. Even the best pitchers in MLB The Show 22 won't need to rely on strikeouts with this glitch, as home runs can be sucked back into the outfield and caught for an out. There's no explanation yet as to why this problem is occurring but San Diego Studio will likely have it, along with many other issues, corrected within the month.

Finally, perhaps the funniest of the bunch involves a second baseman possessing the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog to pull in a ground ball and force the out at first base. One Reddit user asked, "has this happened to anyone else," posting a video of what appears to be a ground ball on its way into the outfield but is impossibly stopped and thrown to first base. Even the best second basemen in MLB The Show 22 shouldn't be capable of performing such impossible tasks, and one can expect this problem will eventually be phased out completely. For now, players have the opportunity to continue sharing their moments with everyone and share a laugh or two along the way.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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