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MLB The Show 22: How To Equip Equipment

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:05 PM

Every year, somebody will save up their hard-earned stubs in MLB The Show for an expensive item, buy it, and then forget to equip it.

p>Many video games have an auto-equip feature. Systems find the statistically best piece of gear and make sure that the adventurer goes into peril with their best gear equipped. Those who are hoping that MLB The Show 22 will be one of those games are sadly out of luck.

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That's not a fault of MLB The Show 22. Rather, it's a matter of possibility. Players have different styles, positions, and values. Contact hitters, power hitters, catchers, and pitchers will need different gear. Customizing a player is important and gear is at least half of that equation.

Acquiring Gear

There are several means of acquiring gear. Packs are acquired by playing any game mode and can be unwrapped by going to "My Inventory" under the profile screen and selecting "My Packs." The packs can also be purchased directly from The Show Shop, along with stubs.

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For those with a particular taste in gear and not looking to slog through packs and hope for the best, click "My Equipment & Perks" under the same "My Inventory" menu. Click on the desired item and check out the market for players who are selling the piece in exchange for stubs. Gamers will also find the new booth broadcasters also have some new exclamations to unlock during the big moments for extra immersion.

Equipping Items

  • Profile > My Ballplayer > Loadout > Equipment

Those looking to get called up in Road to the Show will especially need the help of some gear to snag a spot on the starting roster. To equip items, click the equipment button. It isn't labeled, until scrolled over, but it has the icon of a player with a bat on their shoulder.

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From here, there are many different categories, each of which can be equipped with a piece. If it doesn't look ideal, gamers can equip it, then go back to the appearances menu and remove the gear in question. They will still get the statistical bonuses from the equipment even if it doesn't look present.

Swapping Out Pieces

Of course, some gamers who want to hit, field, and pitch will need different gear sets, just like in the big leagues. Bringing in a bunch of slugging gear isn't exactly going to batter when the player is slated to be the starting pitcher for the day.

To quickly swap pieces in Road to the Show, click on "My Player" from the clubhouse and the "My Ballplayer." From here, the process is identical to the last, it simply skips the step of having to leave and adjust the gear in the main profile every time.

MLB The Show 22 was released on April 5th, 2022, and is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5.

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