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Modder Makes Gengar-Themed Game Boy 'Macro' Handheld

Modder Makes Gengar-Themed Game Boy 'Macro' Handheld Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:25 PM

A modder and Pokemon fan is getting thousands of likes within hours of posting their impressive Gengar-themed Game Boy 'Macro.'

p>With the franchise now over a quarter of a century old, there have been plenty of Pokemon introduced to the franchise over the years. While there is now just short of 900 different Pokemon, Gengar has and continues to remain an all-time fan favorite. One way this is proven is by the constant fan creations, including one modder who created a Gengar-themed Game Boy "Macro."

Gengar is included as one of the Pokemon in the long-running franchise's latest major entry, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The new title has had a largely positive reception, although it isn't without certain issues. One fan has recently found a glitch in the Hisui region that makes objects bigger by running in circles.

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Posted onto r/Pokemon, the custom Gengar Game Boy Macro has already amassed over 2,000 upvotes at the time of writing. The left half of the handheld features a partial stylized black-and-white silhouette of Gengar, focused on the Pokemon's signature eyes and unsettling grin. The buttons on the right half are a Gengar shade of purple, with both elements popping against the console's flat white body. Tying the look together is a neon light bar, which illuminates purple when the Game Boy Macro is turned on, along with the fitting original Pokemon Silver displayed on the screen.

For gamers who may be unfamiliar, Game Boy Macro isn't a typo for Game Boy Micro. Game Boy Macros technically aren't a real Nintendo product, but are actually a modded Nintendo DS with the top screen portion removed. If looked at closely, it's easy to see the neon light is in the place where a DS' hinges would usually be, giving a new life to the now-outdated mobile gaming device. The trend of modding of Nintendo DS systems into Game Boy Macros has caught on in recent years, with another modder going viral for their incredible steampunk-themed Game Boy Macro.

Game Boy Macros aren't the only physical medium Pokemon fans have used recently to show their love to the Ghost/Poison-type. One fan has gone viral for their creation of a Gengar portrait using thread and nails. On the same page where the Game Boy Macro was posted, user u/Thread_Art shows off their incredible portrait of Gengar, made by crossing different colored threads hundreds (if not thousands) of times across a ring of nails. Both the portrait and Game Boy Macro are a testament to Gengar's enduring popularity over the years.

The modder's custom Gengar Game Boy Macro is certainly an eye-catching piece of gaming hardware, although it does require gamers to know exactly what they're doing. Those looking for Pokemon merchandise that don't have the skill or means to make a Game Boy Macro of their own can always pick up something like a Build-a-Bear Gengar, or the much weirder Gengar plush where the owner can sleep on its tongue.

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