Moon Knight Star Oscar Isaac Needed His Brother's Help In Order To Play Multiple Personalities

Moon Knight Star Oscar Isaac Needed His Brother's Help In Order To Play Multiple Personalities Image
  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 06:18 AM

Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac reveals that he sought out his brother's help in order to prepare for his upcoming multiple personalities role.

p>In order to play dual personalities, Marc Spector and Steven Grant, for his upcoming role in Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac reveals he sought out his brother’s assistance. Isaac has already dominated other massive franchises such as Star Wars and Dune. Now with landing this role, he makes his grand introduction into the MCU.

Isaac was originally cast in the role of Marc Spector in late 2020, and he will be officially making his long-awaited, on-screen debut next week. Isaac will be joining stars May Calamawy and Ethan Hawke, who portrays the cryptic villain Arthur Harrow. Moon Knight is more of an experimental leap for Marvel Studios, as it centers on a character who has yet to be fully developed in any major films. The series is also much darker and adult in tone than ever before and deeply explores the realms of mental health. Moon Knight follows the character of Steve Grant (Isaac), “a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life.” Marc is unlike any other Marvel heroes in that he has acquired his powers from an Egyptian god, and he lives with dissociative identity disorder - meaning he battles with multiple personalities existing within him.

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Isaac had the challenge of not only playing two vastly opposite characters, but had to do so in a way that was somewhat fluid and still cohesive to follow for audiences. However, in order to tackle this Moon Knight role, Isaac shared that he called upon the help of his brother, Benjamin Hernandez, to role-play with him. Isaac stated, “It was the closest thing to me there is on Earth. So, he came in, and he would play either Steven or Marc - even did the accent and everything, both accents. So that was really helpful to have someone that’s not only a great actor but also shares my DNA to play off.”

All that Marvel Studios has revealed about the show so far is that when Moon Knight begins, it appears as though Marc's alter ego, Steve Grant is currently taking over and in charge. Yet, Grant finds himself haunted by nightmares, memories that he can no longer recall but that for some reason consume and stay with him. Then, he finds himself suddenly having to confront the missing pieces when someone calls seeking and asking for Marc.

The strategy Isaac has implemented with his brother to play Marc and depict this struggle is quite brilliant, as his brother acts as both a literal and metaphorical mirror to himself and therefore to the role. Isaac also had to figure out how to master the art of being one and the same, having similarities and differences co-existing without harmony, and that’s often what having a sibling is like. Isaac's brother shares his DNA, so they are undoubtedly forever linked, but they are also most likely vastly different from one another as well.

Isaac will be paving the way for a new type of superhero for the MCU, one who isn’t picture perfect. Real strength is required to battle the demons constantly sounding off in one’s head all the time.

Moon Knight will premiere on Disney Plus on March 30, 2022.

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