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Moon Knight: Who Is Duchamp?

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:00 PM

An Easter egg in Moon Knight Episode 1 teases the character of Duchamp.

p>Warning: The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 1.With the premiere of Moon Knight on Disney Plus, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a whole lot more players in its stories. The other Disney Plus series released so far have done a great job at expanding the world of the MCU beyond just the Avengers in their big battles. While Steven Grant (or Marc Spector) is the titular character, there are lot of people connected to him in the comics that have yet to make their appearance as the first episode focused largely on his own confusion at losing time - even whole days - as he became caught in the middle of a fight he didn’t understand.

Some of those connections are hinted at thanks to the phone Steven finds in his flat. In the call log are several missed calls from someone named Layla, the same person that Steven speaks with who tells him that she’s been trying to get ahold of him for months. In the middle of those dozens of calls, however, there is another name in the log, Duchamp.

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Duchamp’s Relationship With Marc Spector In Marvel Comics

Jean-Paul Duchamp actually meets Marc Spector (who later becomes Moon Knight) while both were working in North Africa. A former member of the French Foreign Legion, Duchamp was working as a mercenary while Spector was participating in fights for money. When the two met up, they became fast friends and Spector dubbed the mercenary “Frenchie.” The two teamed up for several jobs before Spector was killed in Egypt.

The job that saw Spector killed saw the duo working for a man named Raul Bushman. Bushman, however, was too violent, even for the mercenaries. Bushman killed an archeologist that was leading the group to a tomb to be robbed, and Spector turned against their employer.

Spector’s death, however, was short-lived as the Egyptian deity Khonshu chose Spector to be his champion on Earth and brought him back to life. Duchamp became Moon Knight’s own helicopter pilot while the two were working together. He also went undercover in different criminal groups, making sure that when they needed a mercenary, they hired Spector, allowing the two to work together against those very same criminal organizations.

It was eventually revealed in the comics that Duchamp was actually in love with Spector, something the latter hadn’t been aware of while they were working together. An enemy used Duchamp’s friendship with him to get to Spector, having him beat so badly he lost the use of his legs without the help of cybernetics. After their partnership dissolved, Duchamp started his own restaurant, which was a drastic change of pace for the former adventurer.

How The Moon Knight Series Might Incorporate Duchamp

It’s entirely possible that Duchamp’s name in the phone log will be nothing more than a Moon Knight Easter egg for eagle-eyed comic book fans. Fans will notice that in Episode 1, however, Layla calls Steven “Marc,” and the voice that keeps speaking to Steven references Marc as well. It’s clear that the phone belongs to the personality of Marc Spector that shares Steven Grant’s body, but it’s not clear if Duchamp will be appearing in the series or not just yet.

If he does, it would make sense that he might have believed Spector to have died, depending on how closely the series follows the comic book origins of Moon Knight. Steven Grant has no knowledge of Marc, the hero Moon Knight, or the Egyptian god Khonshu until his life is in danger and Marc offers to save them both. As more of Marc and Steven’s lives begin to intertwine, the series will have the chance to introduce Duchamp to the audience, potentially making him an ally for the hero just as he is in the comics.

Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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