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More Details About Rumored Half-Life Game Citadel Unearthed

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  • Posted on 09th Sep, 2022 10:12 AM

After so many years, there still doesn't seem to be any word on a possible Half-Life 3, but there's at least been strong rumors about an RTS game.

p>Thanks to someone performing a datamine on Dota 2, some more information has been unearthed about the rumored RTS game set in the Half-Life universe. While the VR title Alyx was received positively, most fans of the franchise are keen for a continuation of the main games, with a non-existent Half-Life 3 going down as one of the most anticipated threequels in gaming history. It's looking less likely that Valve will be continuing the antics of Gordon Freeman, but a real-time strategy title could be on the horizon.

Earlier this year, it was noted that what's being called Half-Life Citadel was hinted at through Aperture Desk Job, a game released by Valve this year which acted as a tech demo for the Steam Deck. While this elusive new entry in the series was mentioned late last year, it was this March that information was discovered, which revealed that the game could incorporate both RTS and first-person shooter elements. If Citadel is real, it could feature a single-player campaign wherein players would take on the role of a commander with the ability to deploy bots and teammates.

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Now, this latest datamine taken from Dota 2 seems to reveal even more details about this supposed new game set in the Half-Life universe. According to a report from PCGamesN, which cites a video from YouTuber and video game enthusiast Tyler McVicker, the mined information suggests that Citadel will likely feature vehicles, with the possibility that they can be customized. There's also been mention of the HEV suit being able to be plugged in, possibly for upgrades. However, McVicker does say that the amount of detail that the data goes into when it comes to in-game vehicles could be in relation to another project entirely.

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For those who aren't aware, Dota 2 is a MOBA game developed by Valve, with MOBA standing for multiplayer online battle arena. The fact that this game and the Half-Life series have both been made by the same studio is quite interesting. It should be pointed out that there's been no confirmation on whether Citadel is in development, but those interested can read the data that's been pulled, which is linked below.

As one of the most innovative FPS games of all time, the first Half-Life left an impact on the industry, and with the sequel ending on a major cliffhanger, it's understandable that many fans are eager for a new game. Of course, that's not what appears to be happening as of now, but this supposed RTS, if it turns out to be real, does sound like it could be a mixture of both Half-Life and Dota 2.

Half-Life originally released in 1998 for PC and was later ported to PS2.

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Source: PCGamesN, Pastebin

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