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Morrowind Streamer Gathers Content Creators to Celebrate Game's 20th Anniversary

Morrowind Streamer Gathers Content Creators to Celebrate Game's 20th Anniversary Image
  • Posted on 01st Apr, 2022 14:09 PM

With Morrowind's 20th anniversary looming, one fan of the game hopes to gather as many creators as possible to collect memories of the game.

p>Since the release of Skyrim and Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls franchise has become a favorite of many RPG fans, though the games did not all follow the gameplay formula that can be seen in its latest entries. Heralding the open-world gameplay and polygonal 3D world now associated with The Elder Scrolls was Morrowind. To many fans of the franchise, the third Elder Scrolls game set the groundwork for the series' later successes and stands out as one of the best open-world RPGs of its time.

Despite many fans praising the game, Morrowind does show its age nowadays in comparison to more modern titles. This has led some fans to try and rebuild Morrowind in Skyrim using mods, and others hoping to keep Morrowind and the memories of Morrowind alive are looking to compile their stories as the game nears its 20th anniversary. May 1, 2022, will bring about Morrowind's 20th anniversary, and there doesn't seem to be anything big coming from Morrowind's creators at Bethesda. The company did add in some Morrowind and Oblivion content for Skyrim's 10th anniversary, though the Morrowind community is looking to create a larger celebration for the game's anniversary.

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Popular Morrowind streamer and active member of the Elder Scrolls modding community Danae is looking to bring together the experiences of other Morrowind content creators, modders, and other fans. Already, Danae has compiled hundreds of Morrowind memories, intending to edit them into a digital booklet for the Elder Scrolls community. Danae is also releasing a podcast series on YouTube, interviewing prominent Morrowind creators, developers, and artists who've seen their career influenced by the game.

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Morrowind is cited by many Elder Scrolls fans as having a rich amount of lore. There are hundreds of hours of content online focusing on the lore of Morrowind. From its plot to its setting, to even the Dark Elves that inhabit it, Morrowind has plenty of interesting stories for fans of fantasy and the Elder Scrolls, so it's little wonder why Danae has decided that the stories from the game and those influenced by it should be immortalized. "I am hoping to show the many facets of Morrowind and its legacy," says Danae. "Morrowind is a journey we all took, but on separate roads."

Some have hoped that The Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda would remake Morrowind, though there has been no official word on that. Also, The Elder Scrolls 6 is still likely a ways off, as Bethesda has yet to release its latest sci-fi RPG Starfield. It seems up to modders and content creators like Danae to keep the spirirt of Morrowind alive as it comes up on its 20th anniversary, at least for now.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is available for PC and the original Xbox.

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