MrBeast Gives Out $30,000 During Minecraft Competition

MrBeast Gives Out $30,000 During Minecraft Competition Image
  • Posted on 23rd Sep, 2022 02:39 AM

No matter how often MrBeast gives out colossal amounts of money, it seems to come as a surprise to fans every time it happens.

p>When one thinks of the name MrBeast, they most likely also think of his famous giveaway challenges. Typically speaking, he will ask friends, family, or fans to complete some type of challenge, and in return reward them with obscene amounts of money. While this has become a regular thing for the YouTube star, it still comes as a shock to fans whenever it happens. The most recent example of this took place on MrBeastGaming in the form of a Minecraft competition. Players had to team up to create a country within the game in just one hour. After judging all of the entrants, one lucky team member was chosen to win $30,000.

People from all walks of life entered into this Minecraft competition, with some popular YouTubers mixed in with everyday fans. The goal was to build a "country" together with a team that would impress MrBeast in some way. As usual, the specifics were somewhat loose, but fans got to work anyway doing whatever they thought was best.

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All total, there were 1000 players involved in the challenge, split up into ten teams of 100 each. Notable figures include Tommy Innit and ItsFundy, each of which led their own team in an attempt to grasp victory. The ten countries were all built simultaneously on equally sized plots of land, and various themes came up during the building time. The winner of the entire contest chose to build a country based entirely off of popular cartoons, leaving barely any space on their plot undeveloped.

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This cartoon themed world heavily featured elements from SpongeBob, and the judges admit that they are a little biased towards cartoons. Although MrBeast only gives the country a score of 8, the other two judges each give it a perfect ten. This makes the country the highest scoring one at 28 points, awarding that team with $30,000. That said, MrBeast explains that only one team member will get the $30,000 prize, so he devises a game to determine randomly which one will get it.

Though the team started out with 100 players, some disconnected during the challenge and there were only 78 remaining. MrBeast placed 78 different types of blocks in a grid formation and then put one of them in his inventory. The 78 team members remaining each sat on a different block, and when MrBeast revealed which one he had, that player won the $30,000. The player named SuperCuber was the lucky winner, though they remained humorously calm as they accepted the prize money.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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