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My Hero Academia: 7 Characters That Hurt The Anime

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:58 PM

My Hero Academia has many loved and memorable characters, but the anime series would have been much better off without the following ones.

p>My Hero Academia takes a unique spin on the concept of superheroes and incorporates them into a glorious universe that is an absolute joy to follow. The system of Quirks in My Hero Academia is pretty engaging to get through and makes for a great time as viewers figure out how Quirks develop and interact with each other.

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The series is absolutely full to the brim with a host of memorable characters who steal the spotlight whenever they get the chance. However, most people would argue that the show is full of so many people that some of them become pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The following characters are the worst example of this, especially since the anime could've arguably been just as good — if not better — if they simply weren't a part of the proceedings.

7 Minoru Mineta

Mineta was going to make this list at some point, so it's better to just mention him outright and get on with it. His perverted nature and horrible powers make it pretty evident why he's a prime candidate for this list, and the fact that he managed to snag a seat in the academy's best class is downright unbelievable.

Mineta hasn't shown how useful his powers can be aside from a few situational moments. It's clear that he doesn't have the skills to be a part of Class 1-A, so most people wonder just how he can make an impact further down the line in the series.

6 Gentle Criminal

There's no denying that Gentle Criminal is a pretty interesting character, but he came at a pretty weird point in the series. It was clear that this character's sole purpose was to be an empathetic villain, and he managed to do so pretty effectively for what it's worth.

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However, at the end of the day, Gentle Criminal was nothing more than a forgettable adversary who played around with some neat ideas but was, ultimately, nothing more than a stepping stone for Deku to flex his powers on. It would be quite surprising if he plays a major role in the story once again.

5 Mustard

Most people don't even remember who Mustard is, which is a great way of proving why this character belongs on the list. He was one of the many heroes who ambushed the hero students during the Forest Training Camp arc.

This hero played a role in trying to incapacitate Class 1-B, but got subjected to the full powers of this class and was booted out of the show before he could attain a shred of relevancy. The fact that he was nothing more than fodder for a rather unimportant group of students to showcase their abilities shows how much of an afterthought Mustard really was.

4 Magne

Magne could've been a fairly interesting character who could've grown along with the rest of the League of Villains. While her power showed a fair bit of promise, Overhaul promptly stopped her growth by murdering her using his brutal Quirk.

It was a death made purely for shock value, with the League of Villains not really caring about their comrade dying aside from a mandatory round of token reactions. It's a shame since Magne had the potential to be a great character in the show... but ultimately never got her chance to shine in the spotlight.

3 Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl had the potential to be a pretty interesting character... but there's only so much that can be done with a character who doesn't even show her face throughout the entire show. As a result, she's been unceremoniously dumped into the role of an inconsequential side character who doesn't really have a big role to play in the plot anyway.

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Until Hagakure plays a big part in an arc — which, at this point, is incredibly unlikely — she won't really make a lasting impression on audiences. It's ironic that she could definitely disappear for good and the show's quality wouldn't take a hit at all.

2 Yuga Aoyama

The idea of shooting lasers makes for a great Quirk. Unfortunately, in the case of Aoyama, his laser seems more useful for party tricks than actually having some use on the battlefield.

If that wasn't bad enough as is, then Yuga also has the unwanted baggage of only being able to fire this laser from his navel through a tool that prevents him from leaking these lasers throughout his entire body. The icing on top of this undesirable cake is that Yuga gets nauseous if he uses his Navel Laser for too long, which is really icky to imagine for some.

1 Inasa Yoarashi

The award for the worst-written character in the entire show has to go to Inasa Yoarashi. While he does personify the horrors of meeting your childhood hero in person, that doesn't change how contrived and unnecessary his hate towards Shoto is.

The sins of the father don't need to be borne by the sun, so there's no reason for Inasa to give Shoto such a tough time. It feels like an excuse to add more conflict to a side story that wasn't really all that engaging, anyway.

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