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Netflix Announces Premiere Date For Final Season Of Pacific Rim: The Black

Netflix Announces Premiere Date For Final Season Of Pacific Rim: The Black Image
  • Posted on 04th Apr, 2022 02:35 AM

Pacific Rim: The Black, the anime that is based on the movies, is returning to Netflix for exactly one more season, and now fans know when.

p>Netflix is bringing back Pacific Rim: The Black for its second season, and now fans of the show know exactly when the final season of the anime series will arrive. Netflix started the series, which is based on the popular Pacific Rim movies, in March of last year, and now the story is going to get wrapped up.

Netflix's Pacific Rim: The Black is set in a distant future after the second movie in the franchise, Pacific Rim: Uprising. The anime series follows two siblings in a version of Australia after the kaiju left it in ruins. During the first season the siblings, Taylor and Hayley gained control of the Atlas Destroyer a Jagger left behind when monsters took over the island. The series depicts the brother and sister team having to fight off wild kaiju as well as other human survivors who want the Atlas Destroyer all to themselves.

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The Twitter account Netflix Geeked announced exactly when fans of Pacific Rim: The Black can see this particular story weave its way to the end. The account said that the epic adventure's final season is launching on April 19. In season 2 of the Pacific Rim anime, Taylor and Hayley will continue their journey to Sydney, Australia, which is supposedly a safe haven. The siblings are now accompanied by the assassin Mei and the mysterious human/kaiju hybrid bOy.

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However, on their way to try and find the one place where they can be safe in this new monster-invested world, the group will have to do battle with the Sisters of the Kaiju, a bloodthirsty cult who thinks bOy is its messiah. The cult is going to want to do whatever it can in order to get this messiah figure to join them and turn his back on his travel companions. Alongside the announcement of the official second season release date, the tweet also shared a couple of "first look" photos of what Pacific Rim: The Black fans can expect to see.

That includes fighting some new kaiju as well as what the Sisters of the Kaiju will look like. The pics also show Taylor and Hayley getting ready to do battle as they gear up and power up the Atlas Destroyer. Finally, there's one picture that manages to show just how powerful and intimidating the Atlas Destroyer can be when it comes time to stand against its enemies in this particular kaiju- filled world.

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 will be available on Netflix on April 19, 2022.

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Source: Twitter/Netflix Geeked

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