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New Elite Dangerous Ship Will Drastically Change the Game

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 02:10 AM

Not only does Elite: Dangerous have a new ship to try out, but players are already planning to use it in a massive coordinated exploration effort.

p>Elite: Dangerous is adding a brand new spaceship to its lineup, one that'll be a game-changer for players who can get their hands on one. Fleet Carriers are gigantic ships designed to hold all of a player's other spaceships and devices, but they're also uniquely primed for exploration in an expansive game world.

Elite: Dangerous is a space exploration MMO that first launched in 2014, and one of its main draws for players is the number of exploration opportunities granted to them. Elite contains realistic models of all the Milky Way galaxy's billions of star systems, and players are free to discover them all; needless to say, players have yet to uncover even half of the game world, let alone its entirety.

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Fleet Carriers, however, could help with that mission: a group of players calling themselves the Deep Space Support Array plan to use these new ships to set up points of safety across the whole Milky Way. Players have already been signing up to be commanding officers, purchasing their Fleet Carriers and departing on missions to position them in every section of the galaxy. Of course, it's not entirely clear yet how players will keep their Fleet Carriers running for such extended periods in uncharted areas (not to mention with aliens roaming around), and Frontier Developments is still tweaking the ship's final design.

All in all, over 100 of the ships are spreading out across the galaxy of Elite, and it'll take time and massive amounts of effort to move Fleet Carriers across the Milky Way in expeditions that'll last over a year. However, it'll sure be interesting to see if the players' strategy pays off.

Elite: Dangerous is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Deep Space Support Array

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