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New Evil Dead Game in Development, Bruce Campbell Voicing Ash

New Evil Dead Game in Development, Bruce Campbell Voicing Ash Image
  • Posted on 11th Nov, 2022 19:50 PM

Actor and writer Bruce Campbell officially confirms that a new Evil Dead game is in development, and that he will be voicing the character Ash Williams.

p>It's been quite a while since video game fans got a new Evil Dead release, as the IP's most recent titles, Evil Dead: The Game for iOS and Army of Darkness: Defense for iOS and Android both came out in 2011, leaving a significant gap between the last virtual incarnation of the property. Thankfully, though, it looks as if fans of the cult horror phenomenon will get the chance to play yet another video game version of the Evil Dead, as a new project has been confirmed as being in the works.

Earlier this year, when Starz cancelled the excellent and generally well-received episodic series Ash vs. Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell declared that he would be retiring from playing Evil Dead's longstanding protagonist, Ash Williams. However, according to the actor and writer, he still has "previous obligations" that will require him to portray the character in game form, as Campbell revealed, "They are doing a video game. A whole immersive kind of dealio. I’ll be Ash for that, because I wouldn’t want someone else’s voice hamming it up."

As one might expect, Campbell didn't provide specifics in regards to the forthcoming Evil Dead game, but with him having described it as "a whole immersive kind of dealio", there's a possibility that the project could be a VR experience of some kind. Then again, with the brand's handful of mediocre-to-solid multi-platform action-adventure releases like A Fistful of Boomstick and Regeneration having been somewhat successful both critically and commercially, perhaps the next Evil Dead game will be similar to its predecessors by relying on familiar mechanics and designs.

All things considered, while it's still far too early to tell exactly what the new Evil Dead project will be like, the fact that the horror franchise is receiving yet another video game should please fans, for it will at the very least provide players with Bruce Campbell's swan song as Ash. So, with any luck, it will hopefully wind up becoming one of the best horror games to come out of its generation once it does officially come out to send the character of Ash Williams out on a high note.

The new Evil Dead game has yet to receive an official release date or platforms.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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