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New Pokemon Suit Celebrates Starter Pokemon

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  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 08:10 AM

Fans can now celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary in style with a colorful suit that features all four original starter Pokemon.

p>The Pokemon series is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021 and a lot of work is going into marking the occasion. Everything from various promotions, events, and, of course, merchandise will be part of the festivities. One of the ways hardcore fans can show off their love for the series is by investing in a Pokemon suit that features all of the first generation starters.

The Pokemon 3-piece suit by OppoSuits is currently available for $119.99 and will ship out on February 22. It includes a jacket, pants, and tie, with Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu covering every inch of them. This is a salute to the original starters from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow that were the first Pokemon for many fans of the series. While other companies like Levi are collaborating on the celebration with their own lines of clothing, it can't quite match the novelty of a dashing suit full of Pokemon.

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The Pokemon Company also announced it will be re-releasing classic Pokemon trading cards. These will be a 25th anniversary-themed collection that will feature classic card designs from the original set of trading cards. Each pack will be themed after a different region and the first in the series will release March 5. Oversized cards featuring the starters of that particular region will be included in the packs.

The re-released cards, while great, certainly won't match the worth of the original run, some of which sell for extremely high prices. A rare Blastoise card once sold for $360,000 and a card set was let go for $408,000. A recent auction beat both of those purchases, however, when a 1999 Pokemon TCG box set sold at a record price. It contained every card that was released in that year and included an original first edition Charizard that carried a heavy price on its own. The set sold for a whopping $666,000.

Pokemon cards have also recently been added to McDonald's Happy Meals as part of the celebration. This includes both regular and holo cards, as well as other assorted Pokemon goodies. They come in a pack of four and each features a starter Pokemon from various entries in the series. There are 50 McDonald's Pokemon cards to collect, so it will take a lot of Happy Meals to catch 'em all.

Most of what is planned for the 25th anniversary doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, but The Pokemon Company did make one surprising announcement. In partnership with Universal Music Group, a P25 music program headlined by Katy Perry will be part of the celebration. More details will be announced throughout the year, but the plan, according to the official website, is to make a playlist for festivities. This will include new songs from various musicians, with the main talent being pop icon Katy Perry.

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