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New Sea of Thieves Update Out Now

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 19:50 PM

The latest update for Sea of Thieves marks the end of the Forts of the Forgotten Adventure and Legends Week with Gold and Glory.

p>Sea of Thieves continues its incredible post-launch run as Rare rolls out update after update for the live-service multiplayer pirate game. The latest example is Sea of Thieves' second adventure, the Forts of the Forgotten, which ends today. The next adventure, The Shrouded Deep, won't start until April 21. Rare is taking the break between Adventures to drop a new patch for Sea of Thieves, though. Expect a special Gold & Glory Weekend celebration event, new Pirate Emporium content, and a range of balance changes and bug fixes.

To start, Rare wants to celebrate the end of the week-long one million Pirate Legends celebration with one last reward. Over a million Sea of Thieves players attaining the impressive goal of becoming a Pirate Legend is an incredible achievement. In turn, Rare's closing Gold & Glory Weekend is a bit mundane, but players will likely appreciate the sentiment regardless. Between April 8 and 11 Legends will earn double gold and reputation on treasure handed into the Mystery Stranger. A free Silvered Legendary Eyepatch will also be available to Legends who play this weekend.

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As for the Pirate Emporium, Rare wants to reiterate that the Season Six Plunder Pass is still available and will grant all rewards unlocked prior to purchase. The Season 6 Pass includes early access to cosmetics like the Spring Blossom ship set and the Forest's Blessing costume. In the store, Sea of Thieves players will now find the Barrel Bombardier ship cosmetics, costume, weapons, and tankard. Additionally, the Wave After Wave emotes, the Fire in the Hole! free emote, and the Blighted Cannon Flare are all available for purchase, too.

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There are a number of balance changes and bug fixes in Sea of Thieves' newest update, but the biggest one has to do with Sea of Thieves' harpoon. Using the harpoon to collect treasure will now have a much stronger aim assist, making it easier to swipe loot or pull it up from an island. This has been a much-requested feature and should speed up gameplay in some exciting ways.

Other fixes include rewarding the correct amount of reputation for capturing snakes and pigs. They are, unfortunately, not equivalent to a Sea Fort Captain. Inactive Sea Forts will no longer show a raised flag, as the skeletons have had their fun. In sad news, trying to push between a specific set of rocks in Plunder Outpost will no longer launch players into the air. Sea of Thieves players will have to do it on their own.

The full patch notes for Sea of Thieves update 2.5.1 feature a significantly longer list of changes for players to ponder. It may not be a major update, but it should keep things interesting while Rare moves toward Sea of Thieves' next major content release. Expect to hear more about that in the weeks to come.

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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