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New Starfield 2018 Build Images Leaked Online

New Starfield 2018 Build Images Leaked Online Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 16:20 PM

Starfield's infamous 2018 build is being leaked again, with a number of new screenshots showing off some of the game's early production assets.

p>While Bethesda's silence about Starfield is rather typical of how the company handles its biggest releases, in that it doesn't actually show off gameplay until just a few months before the game is out, there's a lot of curiosity about the studio's very first proper star-faring RPG. The community seems to be eager for any piece of news, but aside from developer discussions, there aren't any major reveals out and about.

That's precisely why any and all leaks concerning Starfield are treated with interest and respect by the community, and the game's years' old materials are getting way more attention than they otherwise would have. To that end, several new screenshots have now appeared on one of the game's subreddits.

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Originally posted by iTardavk on the Starfield Alliance subreddit, the five new leaked screenshots are apparently sourced from the 2018 Starfield build that got leaked a few months earlier. Whereas the previous leak featured just a few small screenshots, however, the new leak consists of five entirely new pictures that show off some of the game's assets, textures, and early HUD mock-ups, potentially giving interested community members a look at what Starfield might look like in the end.

The screenshots in question are in line with Starfield's established NASA-punk aesthetic, which gives the leak all the credence it needs to be considered legitimate, considering everything that Bethesda's developers have shared about the game by now. Curiously, the assets themselves are of very high quality, which may mean that they'll make it into the full release candidate as-is, though it's worth keeping a pinch of salt at hand about that.

Note, too, that this leak has no context attached to it. There's nothing about it that would imply anything new about Starfield's established setting and narrative. These are all just early production-level asset screenshots and showcases, and since they seem to be sourced from the game's 2018 build, it's likely that they had been made very early on in the game's admittedly lengthy development pipeline.

Though not much is known about how the game actually plays at this time, Bethesda thinks Starfield players will lose their minds once they get to play it. Core Bethesda products are a known quantity by now, to be sure, but since the company has never tackled a proper science-fiction RPG before, the entire gaming industry is looking forward to seeing what Elder Scrolls and Fallout developers have come up with this time.

Starfield launches on November 11th, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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