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Next-Gen Horror Game Quantum Error Gets New Trailer

Next-Gen Horror Game Quantum Error Gets New Trailer Image
  • Posted on 02nd Apr, 2022 04:02 AM

Intriguing cosmic horror title Quantum Error shows off a new trailer featuring some strange cinematics and a look at new gameplay elements.

p>Quantum Error is an upcoming horror game designed by indie studio TeamKill Media. Combining cosmic horror elements fans of H.P. Lovecraft's work are likely used to with intense third-person gameplay, Quantum Error is a game to watch for horror and sci-fi gaming enthusiasts. There are many elements of the game that fans of the genre are likely to be familiar with, as it seems to blend aspects from other successful horror titles such as Dead Space and Alien: Isolation.

According to Quantum Error's description page, the game combines both third-person and first-person perspective, allowing for some immersive and spooky moments while walking around the narrow corridors of the game's Monad Quantum Research Facility. The third-person elements seem to be reserved for gameplay outside the facility, involving a vehicle similar to Mass Effect's Mako. Initially announced in 2020, Quantum Error has so far seen no official release date, but that hasn't stopped the game's developers from showing off new content for it.

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The latest trailer for Quantum Error dropped yesterday on Sony's official YouTube channel. It's not been stated whether the game will be coming out for other platforms, though it will definitely be arriving to PS5 in the future. The trailer showed off Quantum Error's protagonist, Captain Jacob Thomas of the Garboa Fire Department in San Francisco, alongside plenty of gameplay footage created using Unreal Engine 5. It was announced in September 2021 that Quantum Error would be using the latest Unreal Engine, which has allowed for the game to have graphical upgrades to create some impressive environments.

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Besides some immersive and eerie footage of the setting of Quantum Error, the game also showed off some of the more action-oriented gameplay, displaying what appeared to be a boss fight. While some horror games such as Ghostwire: Tokyo have faced criticism for including too much action, when done right, a combination of action and horror can keep the player feeling scared by their surroundings while allowing them to do more than just run away.

Something that Quantum Error did not show in the new trailer was what the enemies of the game might look like, keeping with the idea that the game will revolve around cosmic horror. Cosmic horror, as seen in Lovecraft-inspired games like Call of Cthulhu and Bloodborne, sees the player face off against an unknown entity that can drive a person to madness just with its presence. This sort of horror is often difficult to make work, though when it is done right, it can make for some terrifying existential scares.

Quantum Error is currently in development.

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