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Nintendo Switch Getting Devil May Cry Game

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  • Posted on 12th Nov, 2022 00:50 AM

In a new post on Twitter, Capcom announces that the Devil May Cry franchise is finally making its long awaited debut on the Nintendo Switch in only a few months.

p>Following its surprising reveal during Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference, Devil May Cry 5 launched to acclaim from both critics and players alike. Along with the success of Resident Evil 2 earlier in the year, 2019 has been a good one for Capcom who also has since turned its sights to the Nintendo Switch. Having just launched Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Capcom has also just announced the portable console will be getting Devil May Cry as well.

In a new post on Twitter, Capcom revealed that it's bringing the original Devil May Cry over to the Nintendo Switch, likely attempting to capitalize the newfound excitement that Devil May Cry 5 has dredged up after launching in March. Unfortunately, no further details were provided in terms of potential enhancements or pricing. More information should be coming sooner than later, however, as Capcom is planning a Summer 2019 launch.

Conspiracy theorists are likely attempting to make the connections of this announcement and a potential Dante reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While recent rumors don't have the Legendary Devil Hunter listed as a potential addition, Devil May Cry 5 game director Hideaki Itsuno wouldn't rule it out. However, Itsuno reiterated that the first step would be to actually release a Devil May Cry game on the Switch. Technically, this announcement now satisfies that requirement.

window.arrayOfEmbeds["1125415244392804353"] = {'embedded_twitter' : '"<blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\"><p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\">Relive the adventure that introduced the legendary Dante to the world with the original Devil May Cry, coming to <a href=\"https:\/\/twitter.com\/hashtag\/NintendoSwitch?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw\">#NintendoSwitch<\/a> this Summer. <a href=\"https:\/\/t.co\/Hh8hFDnLQK\">pic.twitter.com\/Hh8hFDnLQK<\/a><\/p>&mdash; Devil May Cry (@DevilMayCry) <a href=\"https:\/\/twitter.com\/DevilMayCry\/status\/1125415244392804353?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw\">May 6, 2019<\/a><\/blockquote>\n\n"'};

The news is surely a surprise for fans of Devil May Cry 5, who were likely hoping for any news on more content. Unfortunately, Capcom previously announced that following the release of the Bloody Palace DLC, Devil May Cry 5 is now 100% complete and won't see any further content. Based on what happens in game, there certainly appears to be plenty of room for more content or playable characters, but perhaps Capcom is choosing to save some of those ideas for a potential new game down the road.

Devil May Cry launches on the Nintendo Switch sometime in Summer 2019 and is out now for PS2.

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