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Nvidia May Be Letting Intel Make Its GPUs

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  • Posted on 02nd Apr, 2022 04:02 AM

There's a lot of competition in the tech industry, especially when it comes to GPUs, but Nvidia may be interested in using Intel's foundries.

p>Despite the ongoing shortages in the tech and gaming industry, the likes of Nvidia and AMD are still marching on, releasing numerous products into an uncertain market and preparing for the future. With the RDNA 3 architecture due out this year and team green's 40-series aiming for a September launch, the deficit is seemingly not deterring the big tech firms. On top of that, Intel is about to enter the graphics card race, and while that will make competition more stiff, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is interested in partnering with the CPU company.

According to a recent report from Tom's Hardware, it looks as though Nvidia may be looking to use Intel's foundry to help make its chips. During a Q&A session with the press, Huang said that the firm's strategy is interested in diversifying "at every single layer," which includes foundries, adding that the company feels Intel is an "excellent partner." While it's not set in stone yet, team green is looking into the possibility, but it could take a long time to actualize.

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Huang did expand on the news, saying that operating as a foundry differs to working as a "standard product-orientated company," which is what Intel currently is. Still, it may seem a little odd that these two giants might be collaborating. With Intel due to release its Arc GPU soon, both firms should be at loggerheads with each other as the graphics card industry becomes flooded with more products, especially with a third combatant entering the arena too. However, Huang has said that he's interested in what Intel does and that Nvidia's relationship with the firm has been "quite long" as it is.

As well as that, Nvidia is getting ready to launch the RTX 3090 Ti, which is a souped up version of its 3090 predecessor and utilizes the full capacity of the GA102 chip. The company has been dragging its heels about its release, with speculations that it was due out in January, but it's possible that the company could unleash the card any day now.

With AMD also rumored to be releasing more RDNA 2 hardware, Nvidia has a vested interest in staying ahead of the competition, and that tactic may involve pairing up with Intel. While it's difficult to know how it will pan out in terms of production and availability, it seems clear that, given the recent canceling of its Arm merger, Nvidia likes to have its fingers in many pies.

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Source: Tom's Hardware

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