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One Piece: 5 Things That Would Likely Happen At The End of The Wano Country Arc

One Piece: 5 Things That Would Likely Happen At The End of The Wano Country Arc Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 20:39 PM

Since the end of the Wano Country Arc seems to be getting closer, here are some things that would likely happen once all is said and done.

p>It's been around four years since the start of the Wano Country arc, and it seems like the end is drawing near. The final fights between two of the Four Emperors against some of the biggest names from the Worst Generations have been some of the most epic action sequences in the series. But just like in real life, all good things must come to an end.

One Piece always play's with people's expectations and goes in directions things that nobody would expect. Surprises are one of the things that has made fans continue to love One Piece throughout all these years. However, fans who have known and followed One Piece for years know that certain things can be predicted based on what has already happened in the series. So here are some of the things that would likely happen following the end of the Wano Country Arc.

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An Increase in Luffy's &The Straw Hats' Bounty

If there's one constant in One Piece, it would be the fact that the bounty of Luffy and his crew always rises after they defeat a major enemy. The more famous and dangerous the enemy is, the bigger the jump will be.

This time around, Luffy is going against what could be considered to be one of the strongest pirates alive and one of the Four Emperors of The Sea, The Hundred Beast Kaidou. Not only that, but Big Mom also wreaks havoc in Wano at the same time. So once everything finally settles down, it is only natural that the bounty for Luffy and all the other pirates involved in Wano will increase tremendously.

Momonosuke Takes Over as the new Shogun of Wano

Momonosuke is the eldest son of Oden, the former shogun of Wano. So that makes Momonosuke the legitimate heir to the throne of Wano country. Unfortunately, through the power of his mother, Momonosuke and several of his father's loyal retainers jump 20 years into the future. During all of those years, Wano was ruled under the usurper and traitor; Orochi.

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So just like how Luffy and friends brought fallen royals back to their rightful power, such as Vivi of Alabasta or Rebecca of Dressrosa, it is not too far-fetched to assume that the same thing will happen in Wano. When all the chaotic events within Wano have finally come to an end, Momonosuke will take his rightful place as the Shogun of Wano.

An Alliance Between The Straw Hats, Wano Royals, & Other Pirates in Wano

One of the unique and memorable things that happened at the end of the Dressrosa arc was the formation of The Straw Hat Grand Fleet. It was basically an alliance between Straw Hat Pirates and seven other individual Pirate crews. Not only that, but there is also an unofficial alliance between Luffy and the Dressrosa royal family.

There are numerous noteworthy alliances between big-name as well, with Kaidou and Big Mom being one of the most significant ones. Considering everything that has happened thus far in the Wano arc, it is safe to assume that similar things might happen again between Luffy and other pirates. Among other pirates present in Wano, the Straw Hats might likely form an alliance with X Drake or Eustass Kid.

If that happens, it means that along with Trafalgar Law, four pirates from the worst generation will have formed an alliance to fight together when the needs arise. Not only that, the Wano royal family, along with their samurai, will also likely become an official ally to the Straw Hat Crew.

Yamato Becomes a New Member of the Straw Hat Crew

Yamato is the only child of Kaidou that we know of thus far. Yamato is an avid admirer of Oden, and was also a friend of Fire Fist Ace. As Kaidou's heir and a Devil Fruit user, Yamato is unbelievably strong. Yamato can definitely go head-to-head against Kaidou's top executives, such as King or Queen.

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Furthermore, other than admiring Oden's tale of adventures, Yamato also believes in his philosophy. This is why Yamato strongly disagrees with Kaidou's evil way of doing things. What's more, Yamato has been trapped in Wano since childhood, so reading and hearing of Oden and Ace's adventures naturally incited an unbearable longing for adventure. With all of those variables combined, it is highly likely that Yamato will join the Straw Hat Crew and explore the world together with them.

Robin Will Uncover New Information Through The Poneglyph in Wano

One Piece drifts from one story arc to the next with each arc having its own unique part to play in the grand narrative. Because of this, there are several storylines that connect everything together, such as the search for the legendary treasure, One Piece, and uncovering the true history of the world.

The world of One Piece is filled with plenty of myths and lore, such as the existence of the mysterious Joy Boy, the ancient weapons, the will of D., and the Void Century. The only clue to solve all of those mysteries is through cubic steles called the Poneglyphs. The information on the Poneglyphs is written in an ancient language, with Nico Robin standing as one of the only people who can read it.

It has been confirmed that not only does Wano have a Poneglyph, but that the secluded country also has a deep history with the creation of every Poneglyph. So the possibility of Robin uncovering some new information about the world's history through the Poneglyphs in Wano at the end of the arc is extremely high.

There are more things that can be said about what would likely happen at the end of Wano Country arc, but out of every possible future event, these five points are the ones that would most likely happen. Things might unfold according to these predictions and assumptions, or Eiichiro Oda might sail the story to an entirely different conclusion. Either way, fans are definitely excited about what's next for this iconic series.

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