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One Piece: Every Awakened Devil Fruit, Ranked

One Piece: Every Awakened Devil Fruit, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 22:40 PM

In One Piece, a select few characters manage to awaken their Devil Fruit. Which power is the best?

p>Devil Fruits are one of the biggest sources of power in the One Piece world, along with Haki. As the name suggests, these fruits are quite special as they grant special powers to those who eat them but take away their ability to swim.

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Although not every Devil Fruit has the same power, they all make the user stronger than they were before eating them. A special stage of Devil Fruit powers, known as Awakening, is unlocked in extremely rare cases. Awakened Devil Fruits start affecting the surroundings of the user and make them much stronger. Which is the most impressive Awakened Devil Fruit in One Piece?

Updated on April 1, 2022, by Rei Penber: Devil Fruit awakening is an incredibly rare power that is only accessible to a select few people in the world of One Piece. Once a fruit does awaken, however, it opens a whole other world for possibilities. Over the years, fans have seen quite a few powerful awakened Devil Fruit users and all their powers were significantly enhanced by their awakenings. With awakening, nearly everyone gets access to new techniques and while not all awakenings are equally powerful, they're all incredible in their own way.

8 Awakened Zoans Of Impel Down

The first time fans saw Awakened Devil Fruits in One Piece was during the Impel Down arc, where the Jailer Beasts were shown to have Zoan powers. All these Zoan powers were awakened, as explained by Sir Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai.

Although their awakening wasn't shown in detail, they were said to have an extremely high recovery rate, along with much higher strength and speed in combat. Their durability, along with all their other physical aspects improved massively as well.

7 Goru Goru No Mi

The Goru Goru no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that was introduced in One Piece Film: Gold. Eaten by the main antagonist of the arc, Gild Tesoro, the Goru Goru no Mi allowed him to create and manipulate gold according to his will.

At some point, Gild also awakened his Devil Fruit powers, and using them, he could control all the gold present on his ship, the Gran Tesoro, and use it as a sensory network. He could detect everything that happened anywhere on the ship, similar to how Enel did with his Goro Goro no Mi.

6 Mochi Mochi No Mi

Eaten by the second son of Charlotte Linlin, Charlotte Katakuri, the Mochi Mochi no Mi is a special Paramecia-type Devil Fruit introduced during the Whole Cake Island arc. The Mochi Mochi no Mi is unique among Paramecia Devil Fruit as it enables the user to create, control, and turn into Mochi at will, akin to a Logia.

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At some point, Katakuri managed to awaken his Devil Fruit powers, permitting him to affect his surroundings with the powers of the Mochi Mochi no Mi as well. Katakuri was seen turning the entire Mirro World into Mochi and trapping Luffy in the ground. Other techniques, such as Drop Mochi made him even more difficult to take on in battle.

Strongest Awakening Technique: Mochi Ginchaku

Mochi Ginchaku is the most powerful Devil Fruit awakening attack that Katakuri has up his sleeve. With the power of awakening, this technique sees him summon various Muso Donuts with which can create giant arms.

These arms are coated in high-level Armament Haki and allow Katakuri to hit his enemies from all directions at once. It was first used against Luffy, however, despite Luffy being quite tired already, he didn't fall to the usage of this technique.

5 Ito Ito No Mi

The Ito Ito no Mi was eaten by the former Shichibukai and King of Dressrosa, Donquixote Doflamingo. Ito Ito no Mi is an extremely powerful Devil Fruit of the Paramecia class that allows him to produce strings at will and manipulate them as he likes. The powers of this Devil Fruit are remarkably versatile, as seen during the Dressrosa arc.

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Doflamingo also managed to awaken the Ito Ito no Mi, which allowed him to be able to turn his surroundings into strings and manipulate them freely. According to Luffy, his Devil Fruit stopped functioning as a Paramecia at this point. Although powerful, Doflamingo's awakening powers weren't enough to take down Gear Fourth.

Strongest Awakening Technique: God Thread

God Thread is Doflamingo's strongest technique and sees the Ito Ito no Mi surpass all its limits as an awakened Devil Fruit. When using this technique, Doflamingo is able to create 16 large constructs of threads which are coated in Haki.

Using these threads, called 16 Holly Assassin's Bullets, he then attacks his enemy with incredible power. This technique has only been seen used once, against Luffy's King Kong Gun. Sadly for Doflamingo, he was completely overwhelmed by Luffy's King Kong Gun and lost the fight.

4 Gasha Gasha No Mi

Introduced in One Piece: Stampede, the Gasha Gasha no Mi was eaten by none other than the main antagonist of the movie, Douglas Bullet. This Devil Fruit is one of the strongest in the Paramecia class as it allows him to merge with any inanimate object at will, thus making Bullet an assimilation human. Bullet usually used this power with his giant submarine, called the Catapult.

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At some point, Bullet's Devil Fruit powers awakened and allowed him to use his merging powers on a much greater scale. What's more, he could even merge with his surroundings, which made him extremely scary in combat. The power of this Devil Fruit, combined with his Haki made him strong enough to compete with the Yonko.

Strongest Awakening Technique: Ultimate Faust

Ultimate Faust is the strongest technique in the arsenal of Douglas Bullet, the man known as the Demon Heir. Upon using his awakened Devil Fruit and assimilating with everything in his surroundings, he creates a giant humanoid figure. Infusing Haki into its arm, Bullet then punches his enemies with great power.

Ultimate Faust is strong enough to defeat even the mightiest of pirates. To match it, Luffy had to inflate into his King Kong Gun to make it even bigger, which just goes to show that Bullet's awakening is incredible.

3 Jiki Jiki No Mi

Jiki Jiki no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by one of the members of the Worst Generation, Eustass 'Captain' Kid. The powers of Jiki Jiki no Mi were first demonstrated during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, where the Worst Generation assembled. In Wano Country, fans got a better look at its powers and this Devil Fruit didn't disappoint.

Jiki Jiki no Mi allows Kid to manipulate magnetic forces at will and attract and repel all metal around him. By turning his body into a magnet, Kid is able to become stronger by growing larger metal limbs. At some point, his Devil Fruit powers awakened and allowed him to use an ability known as "Assign." Using this, he is able to turn others into a magnet. Kid then relies on the metal in his surroundings to use a very powerful technique called Punk Clash.

Strongest Awakening Technique: Punk Clash

Eustass Kid's Devil Fruit awakening lets him Assign magnetic properties to anyone and once he does that, he can massively increase their level of attraction. When Kid used this technique on Big Mom, he was able to increase her level of attraction to a point where all the metal in her surroundings was attracted to her and ending up crushing her under immense weight. Kid calls this technique Punk Clash.

2 Ope Ope No Mi

One of the most powerful Paramecia-type Devil Fruits, the Ope Ope no Mi was eaten by the Captain of the Heart Pirates, Trafalgar Law. This Devil Fruit turns Law into a modification man as it allows him to create ROOMs within which he can manipulate anything and everything, from personalities to the terrain.

When tapping into awakening, Law creates a bubble called KROOM and coats his sword with it. The sword can then phase through anything without harming the target. KROOM then creates an electrical shockwave from within, dealing great damage to the target.

Strongest Awakening Technique: Puncture Wille

Quite easily the strongest technique of Trafalgar Law, Puncture Wille sees him extend his blade by using the awakening of his Devil Fruit, Ope Ope no Mi. With his elongated sword, he can stab anything without creating a puncture wound.

Puncture Wille sees the sword extend for miles and when the sword reaches its maximum length, Law unleashes a tremendously powerful shockwave through the sword. When used against Big Mom, this technique completely crushed her from the inside. What's more, it also ripped open a massive hole in Onigashima and even in the mainland of Wano Country itself.

1 Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Nika

Also called the Gomu Gomu no Mi, the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is a Mythical Zoan type of Devil Fruit and was eaten by Monkey D. Luffy at the age of 7. This fruit holds legendary status in the One Piece world, which is why the World Government gave it another name and hid its identity from the world. This Devil Fruit grants rubber powers to the user and allows them to fight with great freedom.

At the same time, the user of the fruit brings smiles to everyone and becomes a true warrior of liberation. Awakening gives access to a new transformation and even allows them to fight with even more freedom. This power is described to be the most ridiculous ability to ever exist.

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