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One Piece: The Next Big Arc After Wano Country

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 20:25 PM

One Piece's Wano Country Arc isn't over yet, but fans are already looking to where the series could go next.

p>One Piece is currently in the climax of its Wano Country arc, which began nearly four years ago and has, since then, become the longest-running arc in the series. Although Wano is quite long when compared to most arcs in the story, it is also pivotal to the overarching plot, being Luffy's biggest step forward towards attaining the One Piece itself. In Wano, Luffy is going head-to-head against one of the Yonko of the Sea in Kaido in an attempt to defeat him and liberate Wano Country.

At the same time, Luffy would also take a massive step towards fulfilling his goal by defeating Kaido as he would attain the third Road Poneglyph and an even higher status in the One Piece world. In Onigashima, most of the war has concluded already and everything now rests on Luffy vs Kaido. As soon as the battle wraps up, however, the story will start moving towards the next big arc, which is something everyone is looking forward to.

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What Arc Is Next After Wano Country?

The Wano Country arc has been long, even by One Piece standards, and understandably so. However, after such a massive arc, Eiichiro Oda will likely take some time to draw the aftermath of the war. Fans will likely see the last few chapters after the war where the alliance says goodbye to their loved ones who fell in the war and eventually hold a banquet. At the same time, Oda also loves to dump a lot of information towards the end of the arcs, meaning all the major reveals about Oden's Journal, Joy Boy, and the Road Poneglyph could happen towards the end of the arc. Once all that is wrapped up, however, the question still remains – where are the Straw Hats headed next?

Logic would dictate that the Straw Hat Pirates go to where the fourth Road Poneglyph is. At the moment, nobody knows who possesses the Road Poneglyph, however, the last people who saw the Poneglyph were the ones of the old era, specifically, Shanks with the Roger Pirates and maybe even Marco of the Whitebeard Pirates. With Marco already being on Wano, a link to Shanks could easily be established, setting the Straw Hat Pirates on the path to finally get to him and the take the Road Poneglyph from him to complete the journey.

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If Shanks has the last Road Poneglyph in his possession, the country where it is located likely is where the next place that the Straw Hat Pirates visit will be. Looking closely at all the inspirations around Shanks, Elbaf looks to be the next big arc after the Wano Country arc wraps up. For one, Shanks and his crew seem to be heavily based around the Viking theme with Shanks possibly even being inspired by Erik the Red, a Norwegian Viking. What's more, Shanks' ship, called the Red Force, has a dragon at the bow of the ship, something which is essentially the same as the Viking ships called the Drekar.

What Role Elbaf Will Play In The Story

In case the Straw Hat Pirates do head to Elbaf after Wano, the story is likely going to focus heavily on characters like Shanks, Usopp, and possibly even Nami. Of course, Luffy will be at the center of the arc, as always. The priority in Elbaf will most certainly be to locate the last Road Poneglyph. Shanks, who likely has a connection to the Poneglyph, will also get to meet Luffy and fulfill their promise. Interestingly, in Punk Hazard, Luffy claimed that he wanted to take Shanks down as well, along with the rest of the Yonko, meaning that fans could see the two fight for the last Road Poneglyph.

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What's more, Oda is certainly going to take this moment and dive deep into Viking mythology and incorporate it in One Piece as well as possible. The likes of Loki, the prince of Elbaf, have already been name-dropped in One Piece and his army of giants is something that fans would certainly be looking forward to. Elbaf will also serve as the place for Usopp to accomplish a significant portion of his dream of becoming a brave warrior of the sea, given that he's heavily inspired by the Giants of the country. In case the Red-Hair Pirates are on Elbaf, the opportunity for Usopp to reunite with his father will also arise. Nami, on the other hand, could find out her past which most fans don't know about just yet. Just like Shanks, she, too, is connected to Elbaf. According to Oda, Nami would be Swedish in the real world, which connects her to the country as well.

Elbaf will most certainly tackle the character arcs of Nami and Usopp, see Luffy face Shanks and fulfill his promise, attain the last Road Poneglyph, and finally set the path for the last island in One Piece – Laugh Tale. The arc could very much be one of the last few 'dense' arcs in the story, with everything that comes after being set up in it.

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