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Outriders Player Destroys Final Endgame Boss in Single Shot

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  • Posted on 23rd Sep, 2022 02:50 AM

Outriders' endgame final boss may be a tough time for some players, while other players are finishing the fight in a few shots with insane damage.

p>Many Outriders players have finished the main campaign and are working through the endgame Expeditions. The Expeditions can be difficult because they are timed, forcing players to focus on pure DPS builds. Players need to earn Drop Pods from these Expeditions to face the ultimate boss of Outriders.

The last boss in Outriders costs an expensive 40,000 Drop Pods to enter and is sure to give many players a tough time. Some Outriders players however have used the Status Effects system in coordination with each other to optimize their buffs and debuffs resulting in an insane single shot that almost one-shots the final Outriders boss.

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YouTuber Moxsy and their team, consisting of Chadly99 and AbbyHour, used a combination of buffs and debuffs to defeat the boss in roughly 14 seconds, with a 49,338,520-damage headshot to finish the boss. Moxsy took to Reddit to post their team's accomplishment. Moxsy was using a top tree Assassin Trickster with mods that increase damage against specific Status Effects on the enemy.

Chadly99 played as a Pyromancer and used a triple debuff Heatwave with the 40% X2 Thermal Bomb while AbbyHour, the Technomancer, used a debuff turret with vulnerability. This allowed the team to completely debuff the boss.

The team focused on putting all the statuses on the boss while Moxsy ran mods to increase their damage against the different Status Effects, 49 Million damage was the result of the team’s coordination. Almost defeating the boss in a single shot is an incredible feat in Outriders. While many players struggle to work through the Expeditions to reach the ultimate boss, Moxsy and his team proved how easy it can be done with team coordination.

Some Reddit users congratulated Moxsy on the amazing feat, while others put Moxsy to the challenge of hitting 69 Million damage. Moxsy accepted the challenge but has only reached 68.9 Million damage on a captain. Moxsy mentions on Reddit that this is his current record for one-shot damage.

Outriders has achieved outstanding success since its launch, despite the bugs and issues the game has been having. From crossplay issues to an inventory wiping bug, Outriders’ road to success has been a rocky one. While some players continue to build their gear to push through higher World Tiers or Expedition Tiers, other players are already showing off the capability of Outriders’ mod system and team coordination.

Outriders is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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