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Overwatch 2 Devs Reveal New Details About the Game's Maps

Overwatch 2 Devs Reveal New Details About the Game's Maps Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:35 PM

In the run-up to Overwatch 2's release, Blizzard has released details regarding the new maps and modes available to players in the upcoming beta.

p>Overwatch’s maps are a point of some contention within the player base. Among the definitive fan favorites like King’s Row and Lijiang Tower are maps like Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris, which receive almost universal criticism. As Overwatch 2 enters beta testing, more details are being shared regarding new heroes and the multitude of new maps. Though keen on finally getting new content for the game, some players may be wary about the quality of these new additions – a wariness that the developers seek to ease with a comprehensive update on the state of Overwatch 2’s new maps.

In a post to the official Overwatch website, Blizzard aims to reassure players by relaying the artistic and geometric complexity of Overwatch 2's new maps which star iconic real-world locations. New Queen Street in Toronto, Colosseo in Rome, Midtown in New York City, and Circuit Royal in Monte Carlo will all be available for players to try out, come the April 26 public beta. Moreover, the beta will debut the new game mode, Push.

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The update reveals that New Queen Street and Colosseo will be the first maps designed for Overwatch 2's Push mode, in which players begin at “opposite sides of a mirrored map” and meet in the middle for a “push of war.” With players attempting to push a robot to the opposing side of the map, Game Director Aaron Keller states that “Push is inherently faster paced than other game modes like Control and Escort.” He goes on to say that the Push maps are "a little more porous, meaning it’s easier for flanking."

This is good news for players who prefer a more aggressive style of play, as, seemingly, defensive tanks matter less than a strong attack in Overwatch 2. Moreover, new maps relying less on frustrating choke points will make attacking a much more fluid and involved experience. However, with the need to “watch multiple locations,” the increase in difficulty when facing aggressive teams may turn players off from the new mode, especially Overwatch's support players, whose job is to remain in the backline and heal.

Overwatch 2's new maps haven’t removed choke points, however. As Art Director Dion Rogers highlights, Circuit Royal’s uphill switchbacks “are like chokes in the sense where they encourage tension and instigate team fights.” These switchbacks seem to have the Payload traveling much more vertically than ever seen in Overwatch - whose payloads remain firmly at ground level - so it will be interesting to see how Overwatch 2's new high ground will affect team play.

With maps like Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony remaining out of competitive rotation, only time will tell if the hard work poured into these maps will have been worth it. Overwatch 2 is seeing plenty of changes to heroes and team structure, fundamentally altering the balance of the game. As Overwatch 2 nears release, players will soon see if Blizzard’s gambit has paid off.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.

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Source: Official Overwatch Website

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