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Panic Button Wants to Make Valheim Switch Port

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 14:39 PM

With how popular Valheim has become on PC, veteran Switch port studio Panic Button expresses interest in bringing it to Nintendo's console.

p>It’s hard to argue that Valheim isn't one of 2021’s biggest surprise hits so far, with the indie viking survival game having sold over 5 million copies in the few weeks it’s been out on Steam Early Access. That’s an impressive feat for a game that seemingly came out of nowhere, and naturally a lot of people are now eager to see it come to other platforms like the Nintendo Switch, including the port specialists at Panic Button.

Valheim has proven to be the right game at the right time, debuting right as multiplayer survival games have been attracting more players thanks to things like Rust’s resurgence in recent months and the evergreen popularity of Minecraft. With how much the game has caught PC players’ attention in such a short time, it’s no surprise that non-PC players have been wondering if Valheim is coming to consoles anytime soon.

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While that question remains to be answered, Panic Button seems ready to bring the game to the Switch should the opportunity arise. Nintendo Life recently asked the studio which “dream” game it would like to port to Nintendo’s console next. To which Head of Production Dan Hernberg responded by stating that he’s currently “playing way too much” of Valheim and “would love to port” the game.

The studio has amassed a good deal of expertise when it comes to Switch ports, having been responsible for bringing such games as Rocket League, Warframe, and Doom Eternal to the console, in addition to the Switch port of Apex Legends launching this week. If any studio has what it takes to make Valheim work on the Switch, it’s Panic Button, which makes Hernberg’s interest in the game that much more intriguing.

That’s not confirmation that it’s actually planning to work on it by any means, of course, but it’s certainly not outside of the realm of possibility either. Since the game’s engine, Unity, is compatible with Switch, Panic Button likely wouldn’t have too much trouble getting it running on the console, though whether the Switch will actually be able to accommodate Valheim’s incredibly large maps and their interactive elements is impossible to deduce at this time.

Given how early in its life the game is, it’s likely that any plans for other platforms will be relegated to the backburner while developer Iron Gate continues refining and building upon Valheim’s various systems. Plus, with how popular the game has become just on PC, it’s safe to assume Iron Gate isn’t in any hurry to get the game to consoles like the Switch before it’s good and ready.

Valheim is available in Early Access on PC.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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