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Paul Bettany Says WandaVision Still Ends With A Marvel Bang

Paul Bettany Says WandaVision Still Ends With A Marvel Bang Image
  • Posted on 30th Sep, 2022 06:25 AM

From the looks of it, WandaVision is an old sitcom intertwined with Marvel's heroes, but Vision's powers foresee plenty of action in the future.

p>WandaVision is only a few days away from becoming Disney Plus’ new crown jewel. The streaming platform has been carried by The Mandalorian's success during the course of its first year but the new Marvel miniseries is ramping up to be a service seller, even for MCU standards.

With a subtle blend of old-time sitcom and superhero, critics have been quick to point out WandaVision’s oddities as the show’s prime strengths. Reviewers were treated to an early glimpse of the first three episodes, with the first two becoming available this Friday for viewers, yet not much has been said of WandaVision’s superhero action so far, something a lot of Marvel fans might find intriguing.

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On that note actor Paul Bettany, who plays Vision in the Marvel universe, has spoken in several media outlets as he continues to promote WandaVision. Speaking on the series' particular direction, Bettany describes the plot moving through “different genres of sitcoms and then Vision begins to think that this is getting a little weird”. Overall, he promises Wandavision will definitely change the way people look at the MCU.

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Despite all that, WandaVision uses even more VFX shots than Avengers: Endgame, which helps illustrate the point that the show will not go light on visual spectacle something that is surely to play in favor of the big action sequences Marvel fans are used to. The way Bettany puts it, Kevin Feige always wanted WandaVision to be different, yet at the same time saying true to its Marvel DNA by “including some of the biggest set pieces they’ve ever done.”

Bettany and his co-star Elizabeth Olsen have always -arguably- been the MCU’s signature love story, with their relationship playing a huge part in some of the Avengers’ most gut-wrenching moments. Perhaps Feige and the creative minds behind Marvel Studios rightfully thought the couple deserved a quiet life in the suburbs, at least for a while, until the fireworks promised by Bettany somehow find their way into their lives.

WandaVision's dimension-twisting narrative is supposed to give hints and tie directly Doctor Strange’s reality bending sequel’s plot, though there is still no clear sign of how that will happen. The Mandalorian's season two was full of shocking moments, so nothing rules out WandaVision from delivering similar jaw-dropping events that will carry over to cinemas.

WandaVision will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on January 15, 2021.

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