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Phasmophobia Devs to Be ‘More Transparent’ About Patch Notes Thanks to Poll

Phasmophobia Devs to Be ‘More Transparent’ About Patch Notes Thanks to Poll Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:39 PM

The developer behind Phasmophobia is always keen to make changes to the game, but a recent poll leads the team to be more open with the patch notes.

p>To say that Phasmophobia is a popular game would be to undersell it. Horror games might not be to everyone's taste, but with it being one of the highest rated games on Steam last year, Phasmophobia enjoyed an enormous amount of success since launching in September 2020, and has been a mainstay in many streamer's gaming roster. As a result, the studio is keen to make changes, add new content, and squash any bugs to ensure its longevity, and recently, fans have expressed a desire for the developer to be more "transparent" when it comes to patch notes.

According to a recent report from PCGamesN, the team responsible for Phasmophobia has asked the community on the game's Discord server for some feedback on how it should handle information about updates. According to the poll results, players would like to see Kinetic Games mention pretty much everything that's changed in the game in the patch notes, as opposed to fewer details being mentioned. Lead artist, Corey J Dixon, did say that the team wanted to "create discussion" but that the results would not necessarily dictate how patch notes would be written.

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However, the latest Phasmophobia balance update did reflect the voice of the community. The patch notes posted to the game's Steam page does show a lot more detail in what's been changed, added, or fixed, with some spoiler-based updates hiding behind tags that are only revealed when the mouse hovers over it. This seems to strike a balance between wanting to relay a lot more information in the notes themselves, but giving fans the opportunity to not have everything spoiled before they've even loaded the game up.

This makes sense, as it retains some information from those who want some things to remain a surprise, while also creating a bit of transparency between the community and the developer. As Phasmophobia is considered by many to be one of the best co-op horror games around, Kinetic has a vested interest in keeping fans happy, while also continuing to allow the game to thrive with regular tweaks, as well as some occasional major updates.

It's evident that the studio wants Phasmophobia to have as much longevity as possible for 2022, perhaps even beyond. With games like Forewarned and Ghost Exile now coming into the mix, and offering up similar gameplay mechanics, competition may get a bit more fierce in the future. However, most fans will always think of "Phasmo" as the head honcho of ghost hunting horror games.

Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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Source: PCGamesN, Phasmiphobia Discord

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