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Phasmophobia Shows Prison Level Screenshots

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  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 22:10 PM

After recently teasing a new level for Phasmophobia, Kinetic Games shares the first screenshots for the horror game's newest location.

p>Although Halloween has passed, players are still jumping back into Phasmophobia in big numbers to hunt down ghosts and uncover new frights. After the sharp rise in popularity of the game, developer Kinetic Games began working on new maps for players and recently teased a new prison level in the works for Phasmophobia. Today, Kinetic Games showed off the first screenshots of the new location to drive up the hype.

It's only been a week since Kinetic Games first teased a prison level for Phasmophobia, but the developer has begun to show off the new level on the team's official Twitter account. The released screenshots are relatively dark, which falls in line with the actual game and resemble a stereotypical prison set up. In the three screenshots, Kinetic Games shows off a cafeteria area, a prison courtyard and watchtower, and lastly, a visitors area where inmates would be behind a glass window from those coming to see them.

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Kinetic Games has been hard at work on Phasmophobia ever since the game rose to the top of Twitch and became massively popular. Recently, Kinetic Games fixed a few bugs and glitches to help with the game's performance and added a few new features to Phasmophobia for players to look out for. First, Kinetic Games added a new challenge that requires players to get a ghost to walk through salt that has been laid on the ground. Also, dead players can now pick up and throw objects around the room to, assumably, scare their friends further.

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Due to the game's success, Kinetic Games and its sole developer, Dknighter, are shifting plans for Phasmophobia's future. It appears that Dknighter was planning for a shorter early access period for his game, but due to the massive audience Phasmophobia has brought in, the roadmap for the game has ultimately changed. The longer Phasmophobia is in early access, the longer Dknighter will have to fix the game's bugs and other flaws.

This year has seen some surprising games hold top spots across Twitch for viewership and on Steam for being top sellers. Phasmophobia crushed Steams sales throughout the month of October and was the best selling game for a two week period leading up to Halloween. This means that Phasmophobia, which was made by one person, was beating out other big-budget games like The Outer Worlds and Baulder's Gate 3, as well as topping the surprisingly successful game Among Us, which was enjoying an impressive streak on Steam as well.

Phasmophobia is out now on PC.

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