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Phasmophobia Update Adding Terrifying New Gameplay Feature

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  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 20:10 PM

Phasmophobia gets a terrifying new mechanic, with Kinetic Games making ghosts pay much more attention to players talking to one another.

p>Launching to the top of Steam back in October, Phasmophobia quickly transformed into one of the biggest sleeper hits of 2020, offering a multiplayer horror experience that captured the attention of streamers the world over. Tasking players with investigating haunted houses with a group of friends, the early-access gem utilized a number of fun ideas, like allowing players to lure ghosts out of hiding by saying a number of commands.

It turns out Kinetic Games has decided to take the novel idea one step further in its most recent Phasmophobia update, with players allegedly now having to worry about how much they talk when a ghoul is on the loose. Noted at the bottom of the most recent update notes, it turns out enemies can now find the player's locations based on where they're talking, with Kinetic Games noting "The Ghost will now listen for player voices when hunting and will search those locations."

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The note also claims that the idea is currently "experimental," and players should report any issues so that they can be resolved in future updates. Nonetheless, the mechanic definitely adds something to Phasmophobia's creepy haunted house focus, with ghosts now able to more effectively hunt the player and prey on them when they call for help. The idea is already very reminiscent of Alien Isolation's mic detection feature, where the Alien would investigate noises the player made when searching the corridors of the Anesidora. Phasmophobia's version of the mechanic will, in theory, be trickier, however, as keeping communication with one's team is key to the game.

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According to the developer behind Phasmophobia, the ghost's ability to track the crew of players will depend on how loud they speak, claiming that whispering will likely not alert the apparition's stalking them. Regardless, it seems a lot of Phasmohphobia players had no idea the concept hadn't already been implemented into the title upon release, with one claiming "I thought the ghost was already listening for my voice. Now I feel stupid." The sentiment seems to be shared by many, who couldn't believe the ghost wasn't listening to them the entire time.

As for Phasmophobia itself, the game continues to sell extraordinarily well, ranking amongst the top 5 best-selling games on Steam last week. It also got a new map last month, with players able to investigate an eerie Prison that sports long hallways, very little light, and a series of creepy rooms for ghosts to appear in. It seems the game is continuing to grow into an expansive horror experience with a whole host of innovative ideas.

Phasmophobia is out now on PC.

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