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Pokemon Anime Clip Shows How Brutal the Original Pokedex Used to Be

Pokemon Anime Clip Shows How Brutal the Original Pokedex Used to Be Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:50 PM

A Pokemon fan shares a short clip from the original anime show reminding viewers of just how insulting the Pokedex could be to Ash.

p>Pokemon fans will remember the original anime series for its introduction of Ash and Pikachu. Not only did these two work their way through a series of gym battles, but they also discovered and looked up different Pokemon through Ash's Pokedex. One fan showed off what some Pokemon fans may not remember from the show, sharing a clip of just how brutal that Pokedex was in the original anime.

The original anime debuted in the United States in late 1998, following Ash Ketchum while he makes his way through the Kanto region. Ash’s goal throughout the show is to win the Indigo Plateau’s Pokemon League, but he is also equipped with a Pokedex to catalog all the different types of Pokemon he encounters.

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U/Virasman shares this clip from one of the first episodes of the original Pokemon anime. In the quick video, a Rattata is seen rummaging through Ash’s backpack. Upon hearing him get closer, the Pokemon runs away and hisses at Ash, escaping unharmed. The Pokedex then announces aloud all the information it has on Rattata. According to Dexter the Pokedex, this is a forest Pokemon that likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. Ash, in his frustration, talks back to the Pokedex to say that they aren’t in a forest and are in fact in an open field. Dexter quips back at Ash, informing him that these Pokemon also venture into fields to “steal food from stupid travelers.” The clip shows a brutal comeback that reinforces just how mean the Pokedex can be to Pokemon and trainers alike.

Dexter the Pokedex is a character that is more commonly known for identifying the Pokemon that Ash runs across in his journey. Usually these comments are more along the lines of fun facts containing information that the character's need at that moment. Occasionally though the Pokedex would punish Ash for his foolishness. On top of that, the show was filled with similar comments from other characters when people would make mistakes.

The original journey through the Kanto region is a satisfying one despite Ash’s failure to win the Indigo Plateau’s Pokemon League. The story arc introduces a bunch of characters that have become incredibly memorable and it acts as a great introduction to the series. Though not a lot of Pokemon were caught in this series, it still introduced many of the original 151 designs in interesting ways.

Then again, the failure of Ash to win out on his goal can be a bit frustrating for some viewers. This is compounded by the fact that it doesn’t get revealed who actually wins. Either way, this clip is a perfect reminder of just how brutal the original anime series could be to Ash.

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