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Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Shadowbox Rayquaza Star Card

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Shadowbox Rayquaza Star Card Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:25 PM

The artist known for making Shadowbox versions of Pokemon cards shares the one they created featuring legendary Dragon type Rayquaza.

p>Since the first time Pokemon TCG came out in 1996, The Pokemon Company has launched thousands of different cards for its fans to collect and trade. Though some Pokemon cards can cost thousands of dollars, and are used to turn a profit, others draw inspiration from the collectibles in order to create their own original artwork. Now, a Pokemon fan shares the incredible Shadowbox art they created featuring the legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald, Rayquaza.

Though initially marketed for the younger generation, Pokemon TCG has been exploited by those with purchasing power again and again. There always seems to be something controversial happening within the game's community, whether it is about The Pokemon Company launching a new line in time with their latest video game release, extremely rare Pokemon cards going up for auction at insane prices, or news about scalping or fake items. So, fan artwork inspired by the card game is likely a breath of fresh air for fans who are looking for something different to cut above the noise of the regular Pokemon TCG news.

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On Reddit, regular Pokemon TCG artist PrismCard shares their latest creation on the online forum. This time, they feature the Shadow card version of the legendary Dragon and Flying type Pokemon Rayquaza. In the typical Shadowbox fashion that the artist is known for, they created an amazing 3D effect that makes it look like the Rayquaza is ready to jump out of the card. They also used several foil versions to add to the premium and eye-catching look of the Shadowbox card.

As usual, fellow Pokemon fans on the Reddit thread only had compliments for PrismCard's hard work. Some were worried that the artist used original cards, but PrismCard corrected them, stating that they use custom cards when making one of their Shadowbox cards. One commenter even noticed that the artist used a specific Rayquaza Star card as inspiration, which means that the basis is one of the rarest and most expensive Pokemon TCG items out in the market today.

The most interesting part of the post is that PrismCard did mention that they do take commissions for their artwork. This means that fans of Pokemon TCG can actually hire the artist to make a custom card for them. Given that PrismCard has brilliantly shown their unique skill and attention to detail, it is with hope that fellow Pokemon fans will patronize their work in order to support them.

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