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Pokemon Fan Has Combee-Themed Valentine's Day Brunch

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:50 PM

One artistic gamer decides to make pancakes based on the design of a Combee, a bee-like Pokemon seen throughout many games in the Pokemon series.

p>It is likely an understatement to say that the Pokemon series includes a large number of Pokemon to collect and train. With over 900 species present in the franchise, there is no shortage of Pokemon to discover in the games. Among the creatures to catch, many of them have names and appearances that are based on the natural world. While not every species takes direct design inspiration from a real-world animal, many share one or more features in common. One of these unusual creatures that have similarities to a real-life animal is the Combee.

As the name suggests, Combee is Bug/Flying-type Pokemon based on the appearance of a real-life bee. Its body is a hybrid of a honeycomb with the wings and abdomen of the flying insect. In addition, one unique aspect of the design of this creature is that it includes 3 heads. Recently, one gamer decided to reimagine the Pokemon as a piece of stunning, albeit edible art.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as miscellaneousmao posted a short video of a stack of pancakes they made for Valentine’s Day. However, these were no ordinary pancakes. Instead, they were decorated with a Combee from the Pokemon series. In the clip, the artist revealed how they created the bee-like Pokemon. They started by placing 3 hexagon-shaped pieces of pancakes on top of the stack of full-size pancakes. After doing this, they put what was presumably butter on top. They then finished the look by adding a pair of wings to the design, along with drawing faces on the hexagons.

This is just one of a number of edible creations miscellaneousmao has made. The creator has posted several other Pokemon-themed deserts on Reddit for those wanting to see more. For example, they recently made Hoppop chocolates a few days ago. In addition, they created Unovan Darumaka hot chocolate bombs that transformed into Galarian Darumaka when dropped in a cup of hot chocolate.

Since posting this Combee-themed Valentine’s Day brunch on Reddit, many Pokemon community members have noticed. With over 3.1K upvotes in only a day, many like the cute design of the Combee. However, some were sad to see so much work go into the edible creation that would be eaten in only a couple of bites. “Aww its so cute but so much effort for one bite of a Combee,” MeganekkSama11 said on Reddit.

While these Combee-themed pancakes are certainly unique, they are far from the only creations made this week by talented Pokemon fans. For example, one gamer recently decided to make a nostalgic animation of the starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, including Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. If these creations are any indication, it seems likely that even more fanart will be shared with the community in the weeks ahead.

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