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Pokemon Fan Makes Crocheted Ditto That Can Transform into an Electrode

Pokemon Fan Makes Crocheted Ditto That Can Transform into an Electrode Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 18:25 PM

One Pokemon fan decides to make an impressive crochet doll of Ditto that can morph into the Electric-type Pokemon known as Electrode.

p>This year is shaping up to be an exciting time to be a Pokemon fan. Gamers were already treated to Pokemon Legends: Arceus this January, and the next games in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are planned to release later in 2022. In addition to playing these new releases, passionate fans often make original artwork based on the various Pokemon seen in these games. For example, one Pokemon occasionally featured in fan art is Ditto.

First introduced to the series as part of Gen 1, Ditto is a Normal-type Pokemon. With a blob-like appearance that lacks many details, it does not have one of the more breathtaking designs in the games. One interesting fact regarding this Pokemon is that it is not known to evolve into other forms. Despite this seemingly simple look, this purple Pokemon still has a recognizable appearance that many fans have come to appreciate. Recently, one gamer decided to come up with an intriguing piece of art that blended a Ditto with another Pokemon, and the results were shocking, to say the least.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as bbobblob shared a video of a piece of crotchet art they had made. Impressively, the creator had managed to create multiple Pokemon designs out of one single crochet doll. On one side, the crotchet looked like Ditto. However, it transformed into the Electric-type Pokemon known as Electrode when folded up.

Despite having to make two Pokemon out of one crochet doll, the Reddit user managed to replicate many of the iconic features of the pocket monsters. For example, Ditto featured its same blob-like purple body and tiny black eyes. On the other hand, Electrode had a recognizable spherical appearance and featured a white-colored upper half and red-colored lower half.

Since bbobblob posted this transforming crochet doll of Ditto and Electrode on Reddit, numerous members of the Pokemon community have commented on the design. With over 5,100 upvotes in only a few hours, many were impressed with the results of the crochet project. "It's so cute," Skyllew said on Reddit. In addition, many commented that they hoped bbobblob would consider making more of these morphing Ditto/Electrode dolls to sell in the future. “I WANT THIS,” ScaryLargePizza said.

While this crochet Ditto/Electrode doll might be tough to beat, many other talented artists have made impressive creations based on the franchise over the last couple of weeks. For example, one gamer recently painted a picture of Suicune that saw the Water-type Pokemon at the edge of a moonlit stream. It seems only a matter of time before more artwork is shared with the Pokemon community. Perhaps bbobblob will decide to crochet more morphing Pokemon dolls in the coming days.

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