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Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible 3D-Printed Rayquaza

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Incredible 3D-Printed Rayquaza Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 20:25 PM

One talented gamer decides to create an impressive model of the serpentine Rayquaza, a Legendary Pokemon seen in the games, using a 3D printer.

p>First introduced to the Pokemon games in Gen 3, Rayquaza is a notable Dragon/Flying Pokemon. In addition, it is a Legendary that was featured as the version mascot for Pokemon Emerald for the Game Boy Advance. It is understandable that the Pokemon would become popular with fans as it features a striking serpentine design. Recently, one player decided to recreate this powerful creature in real life.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as twolf201 shared a video of a recent 3D-printed object they created. While fans often create models using 3D printers, this creation from the Reddit user stood out because they had printed a Rayquaza from the Pokemon series. In the clip, the creator held the replica of the serpentine creature in their hands. It featured many of the same characteristics as the in-game counterpart, such as its segmented body and powerful jaws. In addition, the creator demonstrated how the body was flexible, meaning it could be contorted into other positions.

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Besides showcasing the 3D-printed object in a video, twolf201 provided some details about making the Rayquaza in the Reddit comments. According to the creator, they had just purchased a new printer and chose to print a model of this Legendary Pokemon to test it out. They started by looking at reference photos of the Rayquaza. Afterward, they used Blender to model the head and Fusion360 for the body. In addition, they noted that it took 22 hours for the printer to complete the model. While they had successfully printed the Pokemon in a gray shade, they revealed that they were considering printing it again with green filament to match the color of the creature seen in-game.

Unsurprisingly, numerous members of the Pokemon community on Reddit took notice of this impressive 3D-printed Rayquaza made by twolf201. With over 6,500 upvotes in less than a day, many were impressed by the detail of the object. In addition, some commented that it bore a striking resemblance to the Rayquaza seen in the games. “The Rayquaza is so carefully detailed!” CosmicManCoffin said on Reddit. Furthermore, many thought the design was so stunning that they wanted to buy a copy of the 3D print for themselves.

While this 3D-printed Rayquaza might be hard to top, other fans of the Pokemon series have been creating some impressive creations of their own. For example, another gamer recently created edible Combee artwork out of pancakes. As players continue to play Pokemon games, it will be interesting to see what other fanart is shared with the community in the days ahead. Maybe twolf201 will even make more 3D-printed models of famous Pokemon.

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