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Pokemon Fans Find Disturbing Easter Egg on Shedinja Card

Pokemon Fans Find Disturbing Easter Egg on Shedinja Card Image
  • Posted on 06th Oct, 2022 22:39 PM

The Pokemon Company doesn't shy away from adding creepy details to the Pokemon series, and now one detail has surfaced in the Pokemon TCG.

p>The Pokemon Trading Card Game community has been exploding in popularity on social media as of late. Thanks in part to influencer Logan Paul making videos about Pokemon TCG collecting, the Pokemon card community has seen a vast increase in interest.

Live streams of people opening trading card packs on platforms like YouTube and Twitch are getting high view counts, as viewers hope to see streamers pull rare cards. However, sometimes viewers see something else, like a disturbing detail in the artwork of a Shedinja card found in the new Vivid Voltage Pokemon TCG expansion set.

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The Pokemon TCG has been around since 1996, and the recent Vivid Voltage expansion set marked the 90th overall expansion release in the Pokemon TCG, showing just how far the trading cards have come since the late 90s. Throughout its history, the Pokemon TCG has showcased a variety of artwork on its cards, including some beautiful designs and references to the larger Pokemon world. Though, some of those references might actually make people’s skin crawl when the focus of the card happens to be one of the spookier Pokemon that the series has to offer.

Recently, one of those small details was found by a streamer going by the username Tahk0. Specifically, one of his viewers brought the detail to his attention during his stream. The card centers around the Pokemon Shedinja, which is based off of a discarded shell of the real-life cicada insect.

Shedinja is a Bug and Ghost-type Pokemon, with an abundance of horrifying Pokedex entries mentioning that the Pokemon is nothing but an empty husk that can steal the life force away from unsuspecting trainers. Now, one card in the Vivid Voltage expansion pack seems to show this ability, as what looks like a dead person can be seen in the background of Shedinja’s artwork.

window.arrayOfEmbeds["1329498367487983616"] = {'embedded_twitter' : '"<blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\"><p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\">So.. it was pointed out to me that there\u2019s something a bit... off... about the newest shedinja pokemon card <br><br>not only does it have an attack called life squeeze...<br><br>but...<br><br>there\u2019s actually a dead man in the background <a href=\"https:\/\/t.co\/B7LesHi2Us\">pic.twitter.com\/B7LesHi2Us<\/a><\/p>&mdash; TAHK0 \u2615\ufe0f (@TAHK0) <a href=\"https:\/\/twitter.com\/TAHK0\/status\/1329498367487983616?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw\">November 19, 2020<\/a><\/blockquote>\n\n"'};

The detail is small, but once readers notice it’s hard to miss. The card shows Shedinja floating downward, with a person slumped over in the background with X’s over their eyes. Clearly, this is an allusion to Shedinja’s Ghost typing and creepy nature. Seeing as Pokemon usually only alludes to the unsettling nature of Ghost-type Pokemon, it’s surprising to see an overt portrayal of death in official Pokemon artwork. Still, some of the most fun Pokemon to learn about are Ghost-types and the disturbing position they hold in the overall lore of the Pokemon world.

This one detail will surely go on to set this Shedinja card apart from others in the Vivid Voltage set. While it probably won’t end up being highly valued by collectors, it may hold some personal value to some. It’s not every day that players get to see such creepy details brought to life in official Pokemon material. Those opening Vivid Voltage packs should keep their eyes peeled for this creepy Shedinja card in the Pokemon TCG.

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