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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Sierra (April 2022)

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  • Posted on 09th Apr, 2022 00:20 AM

Pokemon GO trainers who want to battle Sierra this April can use these counters to defeat the Team GO Rocket boss and her current lineup.

p>April 2022 is bringing back the enemy faction to Pokemon GO, which means a new Team GO Rocket-themed event is here. Fans of the mobile AR game will be spending a fair chunk of this month's event calendar racing around their communities to defeat grunts and work their way towards battles with Team GO Rocket Leaders. Players can expect the three team leaders to be switching up their rosters again, so a bit of studying and prep work may be needed to defeat them.

The usual Pokemon GO enemies - Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo are all back this month and players will want to defeat every one of the bosses to earn some exciting Shadow Pokemon encounters and other rewards on their way to a showdown with Giovanni. Trainers will want to keep in mind that each of the GO Rocket bosses in has their own strengths and weaknesses and players should be sure to optimize their counter rosters before heading into these battles.

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This month's lineup for Sierra features some familiar face, but there are a few tweaks that players will need to take note of. Like a few times in the past, Sierra kicks off the fight with Drowzee. After that there will be a bit of a surprise as the second and third slots both include a handful of different options. Luckily players should have plenty of counters available once they figure out who they are actually up against. Due to the random nature of the second and third Pokemon, players may need to take a fall on the first attempt just to learn some information and tweak their roster.

Sierra's April 2022 Roster

  • Drowzee
  • Blaziken / Lapras / Sharpedo
  • Houndoom / Nidoqueen / Shiftry

Drowzee Counters

Tyranitar - Bite or Fire Blast/Crunch

Giratina (Origin) - Shadow Claw/Ominous Wind

Hydreigon - Bite/Dragon Pulse

Blaziken Counters

Mewtwo -Confusion/Psystrike

Moltres - Wing Attack/Sky Attack

Latios - Zen Headbutt/Psychic

Kyogre - Waterfall/Surf

Lapras Counters

Dialga - Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor

Lucario - Counter Power Up/Punch

Melmetal - Thunder Shock/Rock Slide

Sharpedo Counters

Lucario - Counter/Super Power

Machamp - Counter/Close Combat

Raikou - Volt Switch/Wild Charge

Palkia - Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor

Houndoom Counters

Swampert - Mud Shot/Hydro Cannon

Poliwrath - Mud Shot/Power Up Punch

Machamp - Counter/Cross Chop

Nidoqueen Counters

Mewtwo - Psycho Cut/Psystrike

Hoopa - Confusion/Psychic

Landorus - Extrasensory/Earthquake

Shiftry Counters

Togekiss - Charm/Ancient Power

Ho-Oh - Hidden Power (Fire)/Brave Bird

Yanmega - Bug Bite/Ancient Power

Many of the best counters for this battle are relevant to the current Pokemon GO PvE and PvP metagame, so it's worth investing in them beyond this fight for most players. Use TMs and Rare Candy wisely if they are needed to take down this challenger. There are lots of alternatives that can work as substitutes for this ideal roster, but most players shouldn't have much trouble assembling the team recommended above.

Be sure to check back in the near future for more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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