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Pokemon GO: Is the Just a Nibble Ticket Worth Buying?

Pokemon GO: Is the Just a Nibble Ticket Worth Buying? Image
  • Posted on 28th Sep, 2022 10:39 AM

The Gible Community Day is coming soon in Pokemon GO, with players able to purchase a ticket to get access to Special Research tasks.

p>Pokemon GO players will soon be able to participate in the June Community Day event on June 6th, 2021. This event will be running from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM in players' local times on the event's date and will be based around the Pokemon, Gible.

Gible is a dual Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon that has been available in Pokemon GO for some time. It is weak to Ice, Fairy, and Dragon-type moves while resisting damage from Rock, Poison, Fire, and Electric-type moves. If given 25 Gible candies, Gible can evolve into Gabite, which can then evolve into Garchomp with 100 more Gible candies.

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Is the Just a Nibble Ticket Worth Buying?

With the June Community Day focusing on Gible, players will see vastly increased spawn rates for the Pokemon. This will allow players to catch many of them and gather plenty of Gible candies. Those who want a little more, however, can buy a ticket that allows players to participate in special research tasks for the event.

By going into Pokemon GO's in-game store before or during the Gible Community Day event, players can purchase the Just a Nibble event ticket. This ticket cannot be purchased with coins and is only available for $0.99 USD. There are four steps to these tasks with rewards being offered for each task and step completion.

Some players may question if it's worth purchasing the ticket for the offered rewards. Even though it is only a dollar, many of the events in Pokemon GO are completely free. With this in mind, if players complete all of the tasks, they will get in total:

100 Gible Candies

15 Pokeballs

15 Great Balls

15 Ultra Balls

Four Gible Encounters

One Gabite Encounter

One Garchomp Encounter

5,000 Stardust

7,000 XP

Two Incenses

One Lucky Egg

One Rocket Radar

Ten Pinap Berries

Two Silver Pinap Berries

Two Rare Candies

For $0.99 USD, these items are quite valuable even though players still need to earn them during the Gible Community Day. Because of this, players lacking in helpful items will greatly benefit from purchasing the Just a Nibble ticket. Those who have pretty full item bags, however, won't be missing too much from passing this up. June and the rest of Summer 2021 have plenty of events coming up that will allow players to earn more valuable items without players needing to put money down first. Many of these events additionally will give players more than one day to complete tasks allowing for a much more casual experience.

Either way, the choice is purely down to the player. Even those who don't pay anything will have a lot of catching to do during the Gible Community Day.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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