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Pokemon GO Launches Nidoran Limited Time Event

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  • Posted on 07th Oct, 2022 00:10 AM

A Limited Research Event centered around Nidoran is going on right now in Pokemon Go with XP and stardust rewards and a chance at catching a shiny.

p>A new Limited Research event is going on right now in Pokemon GO where players can catch a favorite Pokemon from the original 151, Nidoran.

Nidoran is notable for being the pre-evolution of Nidorino, one of the first two Pokemon to ever appear on screen with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, with the other being Gengar. This isn’t the first time either of these two have been celebrated in Pokemon GO either, as there was a special Raid Day for the eternally battling duo earlier this year.

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The special event for Nidoran (male) and Nidoran (female) began today at 8am local time, but will run until 10pm tonight, leaving plenty of time to complete all of the research, as most players should be able to do so in under an hour. Doing this research will also likely help players check off some of the permanent research tasks as well, like last month’s Galarian Yamask reseach, as there is a great deal of crossover with tasks like nice and great throws.

Other than catching a ton of possibly shiny Nidoran (male) and Nidoran (female), rewards for the Nidoran Limited Research today include balls, berries, and 11,250 in stardust, which of course can be doubled with a star piece. Completing everything will also net players 14,250 XP, which can be doubled to 28,500 with a lucky egg. Doing so can help players reach level 40 in time to nab the level cap rewards, including an exclusive medal and a cool Gyarados hat, before the level cap is raised at the end of the year.

The Pokemon GO  level cap will finally be raised on January 1st, but going beyond level 40 will require some extra work, as there will be multiple skill-based tasks required to progress from one level to the next once beyond level 40. Those who have already hit level 40 should still keep playing, however, as XP will also be required, and it has been confirmed that any XP players have already earned after hitting level 40 will carry over.

To help players hit the level 40 mark, there is also a 12 Days of Friendship Event currently going on that ends at the end of November. Bonuses for this event include an attack boost for battling with friends, increased XP for completing raids, and the ability to open more gifts than normal. There is also an ongoing double XP for catching any and all Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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