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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Shows Off Rotom Collection

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Player Shows Off Rotom Collection Image
  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:50 PM

One Pokemon Legends: Arceus player shows off their complete Rotom collection, despite the appliances required being completely anachronistic.

p>Pokemon Legends: Arceus took a step away from the standard Pokemon game formula, but it still keeps many of the franchise's trappings intact. This includes some things that may not make a lot of sense given that the game is set several centuries in the Sinnoh region's past. One Pokemon Legends: Arceus player recently highlighted this by showing off their collection of Rotoms, including several that are possessing temporally displaced pieces of modern technology.

Rotom is a dual typed Ghost/Electric Pokemon known as the Plasma Pokemon that made its debut in the Gen 4 games. It has been portrayed throughout the franchise as a mischievous, gremlin-like specter that inhabits technology. In the anime, a Rotom even set up shop inside Ash's Pokedex for a while.

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Redditor Decimatin recently shared an image of their Rotom collection, which features six individuals--one for each form. Rotom is able to take on a total of six forms, one default form and one for each of five major appliances it can possess. Inhabiting a microwave oven results in Heat Rotom, a washing machine results in Wash Rotom, a refrigerator results in Frost Rotom, an electric fan results in Fan Rotom, and a lawnmower results in Mow Rotom. This collection may surprise some players, as most of these appliances are completely anachronistic with Pokemon Legends: Arceus' setting based on medieval Hokkaido.

Each appliance form changes Rotom's Ghost-type attribute into a different type to match with the appliance in question. Heat Rotom is Electric/Fire-type, Wash Rotom is Electric/Water, Frost Rotom is Electric/Ice, Fan Rotom is Electric/Flying, and Mow Rotom is Electric/Grass. Decimatin's screenshot shows off all six Pokemon floating around a pasture at level 100. While Rotom may not be the best Ghost-type in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it's certainly one of the cutest.

According to Decimatin, the appliances required to change Rotom's form can be purchased from Ginter, leader of the Ginkgo Guild. Unlike evolution stones and other items that can be found on the world map, appliances can boast a hefty price tag. They appear to have fallen through time, much like the player character, and there are reportedly special Pokedex entries showing that the inhabitants of the Hisui region do not understand how they work. Despite this, Rotoms from the past appear to have no trouble figuring out how to inhabit these futuristic devices. Porygons can also be found in space-time distortions, indicating that technology-based Pokemon may have a loose relationship with chronological time in this game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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